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Skull and Bones has pets, including pirate cats

The big re-reveal of Ubisoft’s open-sea pirate game confirms many new features, including that it’s basically Sea of Thieves meets Raft, but PCGamesN can confirm the best yet – Skull and Bones pets, included in ship customisation, such as adorable pirate kitty cats.

Players can change a lot of things about their Skull and Bones ship, from practical stuff like weapons and cargo capacity to cosmetic items like furniture and cooler mastheads. Those paying attention to the Skull and Bones gameplay reveal may have noticed an adorable lemur accompanying the player character as they steer the ship, too. There was also a cat, too.

These both looked an awful lot like pets to us, so PCGamesN reached out to Ubisoft – which confirms that yes, Skull and Bones will indeed have pirate pets, including lemurs, cats, and more to be revealed at a later date. “Pets are indeed part of the customisation options,” an Ubisoft representative told PCGamesN. “Cats will also be available – as for the rest, it’s going to be a surprise!”

It seems likely that (scurvy) dogs would follow cats, and we’d be astonished if there weren’t several bird species available – such as the iconic parrots, of course. If there are lemurs, monkeys seem likely too, although whether they’ll be undead like in Pirates of the Caribbean is another matter. We’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless, I am absolutely going to have a pirate kitty with an eyepatch perched next to me while I play Skull and Bones. And probably in the game, too.

The Skull and Bones release date is set for November, with a beta possibly happening at some point before that.

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