Slime Rancher 2: How to Unlock Ember Valley

You’ll want to unlock Ember Valley pretty quickly in Slime Rancher 2, not just to see and collect new slimes, but also to get your hands on the materials you need to build your jetpack.

Luckily, getting to and unlocking Ember Valley isn’t too big of a task. You’ll need to bring along 30 food items (fruit, vegetables, or meat) to clear the path, so be sure to stock up before you head out on your excursion into this new area. This Slime Rancher 2 guide tells you everything you need to know. 

How to Get to Ember Valley

With 30 food items in tow, make your way out into the Rainbow Fields and push north. The journey, luckily, is neither long nor perilous.

Just beyond a short pathway is the spot marked on the map below, in the northwest portion of the map. There you’ll find a Pink Gordo happily taking up space and generally being cute.

Feed the Pink Gordo all 30 pieces of food to be sated and force it to explode. Don’t get too sad, though: there’s a reward for your efforts. In its place lies a geyser you can use to hop up onto the cliff to the left above.

A bit ahead on the cliff, activate the switch, and behold the spectacle! With that, you can directly head forward and activate the teleporter leading to Ember Valley.

Ember Valley will be one of the first locations you unlock in Slime Rancher 2 since the jetpack is a must-have, but there are plenty of other locations to visit even with the game in Early Access. Keep an eye out for more Slime Rancher 2 guides here on GameSkinny. If you’re wondering how to get to Starlight Strand, we’ve got you covered right here

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