Sonic Frontiers: High Speed Mode vs. Action Style Mode Explained

There are two style settings in Sonic Frontiers, which can be selected by the players at the start of the game: Action Style and High Speed. Action Style is recommended for new players, and High Speed mode will be more comfortable for veteran Sonic players.

Our guide will explain in detail the difference of High Speed mode vs. Action Style mode in Sonic Frontiers.

Action Style Mode

This mode is specifically designed with platforming in mind, so that new players can ease into the Sonic gameplay from the very beginning.

For example, when a fast action takes place during any stage of the game, players will notice that the camera pulls back and the action slows down to a degree that you can determine what to do next.

This option can also be useful for younger players who have a hard time following the fast action of the game, or simply wish to enjoy the platforming aspect of Sonic Frontiers in greater detail.

High Speed Mode

If this mode is selected, then you should expect nothing else but a full-on Sonic experience with its trademark fast paced action.

The returning players who are well familiar with the Sonic franchise will love this mode, as it puts them right into the thick of the action with the closest possible camera perspective.

Of course, you should be well versed in the Sonic’s moveset if you wish to play effectively in the High Speed mode. New players may find this mode more difficult, as it requires previous knowledge of this specific type of gameplay.

If new players still wish to try this mode out, then they at least should be aware of the following HUD elements for effective gameplay:

  • Speedometer.
  • Permanent waypoint.
  • Directional navigation.
  • World map.

Manual Speed Settings

Regardless of the chosen playstyle, you can always adjust the speed settings and other gameplay elements in the “Game Settings” section of the “Options” menu.

Here are the recommended manual settings for optimal gameplay:

  • Starting Speed: 40%-60%
  • Initial Boost Speed: 100%
  • Turning Speed: 40%-60%
  • Boost Turning Speed: 40%-60%
  • Top Speed: 10%-50%
  • Steering Sensitivity: 40%-60%
  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Bounce Height: 10%-50%
  • Camera Speed: 40%-60%

Hopefully, our guide helped you understand the difference of High Speed mode vs. Action Style mode in Sonic Frontiers. If you were looking for a guide on how to light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers, then follow the provided link.

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