Soulstone Survivors: How to Unlock Endless Cycle

Different challenges allow Soulstone Survivors players unlock various classes. Two of them, the Chaoswalker and the Legionnaire, can be unlocked only in Endless Cycle mode. You’ve got to unlock Endless Cycle itself before aiming for these two classes. Let’s go into how to do just that.

Beat the Arena! Fast!

You won’t be seeing Endless Cycle in the menus without unlocking it, but it will be visible once you unlock it. How do you do it? By clearing the Arena in under 13 minutes.

Completing the Arena in such a short time takes skill and luck, but it is possible with some resilience. Here are some tips on how to clear it within the 13 minute timeframe:

  • Use the strongest build you can. Your character needs to be very strong in order to defeat all five bosses and all the waves of the enemies in between in a single Arena. You can find our guide of the best builds in Soulstone Survivors right here.
  • Choose the best abilities. Upgrading your skill tree is of high importance not just to be able to enter the Endless Cycle mode, but also to survive in it.
  • Upgrade your weapons. Visit blacksmith as often as possible, and upgrade your weapons for higher damage.
  • Choose better runes. Remember that any build can be improved with runes that enhance certain abilities of your class. You can use our guide for all runes in Soulstone Survivors right here.

Once you’ve been able to complete the Arena in the designated time window, you will see three portals of different colors appear in front of you:

  • Blue Portal finishes the game.
  • Red Portal takes you to Overlord Mode.
  • Purple Portal takes you to Endless Cycle.

You need to choose the Purple Portal in order to unlock the Endless Cycle mode. Once you’re inside, the first cycle begins, which is basically a slightly more difficult Arena. If you beat it, the second cycle begins, and so on.

Note that finished Endless Cycle 2 unlocks the Chaoswalker, and Endless Cycle 3 unlocks the Legionnaire.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock Endless Cycle in Soulstone Survivors. You can also check out the rest of our Soulstone Survivors tips and tricks articles right here.

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