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Splatoon 3 Fresh Season 2024 Announced for March as Nintendo Reveals New Side Order DLC Gameplay

A brand new Splatoon 3 season has been announced for next month, and Nintendo has also shed new light on the upcoming Side Order DLC.

First off, Fresh Season 2024 kicks off on March 1st, and it’s bringing new stages, weapons, and gear to Splatoon 3. If you’ve experienced previous Splatoon 3 seasons, like Drizzle Season or Chill Season, you’ll know what to expect here.

You’ll be able to duke it out across the new Marlin Airport arena, and to do so, you’re also getting access to two brand new weapons: the Recycled Brella 24 Mk I and the Douser Dualies FF.

A brand new umbrella weapon awaits you as part of Splatoon 3‘s Fresh Season 2024.

The new season is also bringing the dystopian Bonerattle Arena stage for the Salmon Run gameplay mode, so make sure to learn its layout if you’re interested in collecting some PvE checks.

There’s also a new Splatfest feature in the form of the Fizzbang, which looks like a firework that explodes with your team’s color.

All of that is coming as part of Splatoon 3 Fresh Season 2024, so make sure you’re ready to update your game when it lands on March 1st.

As well as the new season, Nintendo has also released another trailer providing a gameplay overview for the upcoming Side Order DLC.

The DLC takes place in Inkopolis Square, a thriving district that’s been “drained of color”. As Octoling Agent 8, you must ascend the Spire of Order alongside Pearl, formerly of music duo Off the Hook but now apparently a drone.

The trailer breaks down three separate elements of Side Order‘s gameplay core: floor selection, color chip enhancement, and objective completion.

Each floor offers a choice between three objectives, which can include destroying enemy-spawning portals, defeating certain numbers of enemies, and guiding a ball to a goal, among others.

As you play, you’ll earn color chips, which can provide enhancements like increased fire rate and boosted damage. There are more than 60 types of chip to unlock.

Various weapons can be upgraded, as can Pearl’s drone, which can also assist you in combat.

Since Side Order is taking its cues from roguelites, dying means the end of a run, but you’ll unlock permanent upgrades that will help you in your next run. These include more extra lives, more armor, better damage reduction, and more.

Splatoon 3‘s Side Order DLC launches on February 22nd. You can grab the game and its Season Pass, which also includes the earlier Inkopolis DLC, via the Nintendo eShop.

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