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Star Citizen Shows First Animals and More Features Coming With Alpha 3.23

Today Cloud Imperium Games released new videos focusing on the upcoming major update for the growing space game Star Citizen

The first video is an extensive look at some of the features coming in update alpha 3.23, which at the moment is planned for April. 

These include a look at new UI elements that will be shown with and without helmets, the new and much more streamlined looting interface, and the new shopping interface.

We also get a glimpse of the new MobiGlas, which is basically Star Citizen‘s main interface, the new maps, and more.

You can watch it below.

As a bonus, the developer also posted on its official X (formerly Twitter) account the first official look at the first animals that will be implemented in the game’s universe in alpha 3.23. We get to see what appears to be a very angry bird and an equally grumpy quadruped predator.

At the moment, we don’t yet know how many different animals will be implemented as details have not been provided.

Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game in ongoing development exclusively for PC. The crowdfunding total has reached $674,207,307 at the moment of this writing, with 5,123,347 registered users. As usual, the number of registered users does not represent paying customers or regular players.

The game doesn’t have an announced release date just yet, but Cloud Imperium Games promised that a roadmap to version 1.0 (which will be the “release” version) will be published at some point this year.

A single-player campaign named Squadron 42 is also coming, and CIG recently announced that it’s feature-complete. Many speculate that a release date will be announced at CitizenCon in October but no official confirmation besides vague teases exists. 

Full disclosure: the author of this post backed Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign.

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