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Street Fighter 6 Drops Trailer and Release Date For Ed!

Fans have been patiently waiting for more information about the next DLC fighter for Street Fighter 6. We know it would be the mysterious boxer known as Ed, but aside from that, we didn’t have much. Thankfully, Capcom has pulled back the current on the upcoming arrival and announced that he’ll arrive on February 27th! So you only have to wait a few more months to get in the ring with him. But once you square off with him, you better watch out for his fists, as they’re quite deadly. We can see this via the new trailer, and he will be an interesting character to see used by veteran players.

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The thing you’ll immediately notice about Ed is that he’s a boxer, tried and true. Yes, the franchise has plenty of boxing characters, including Balrog and Dudley, but you could argue that Ed is a more “simplistic” version of those ideas because the true core of his fighting style is throwing punches. The twist is that while he’s throwing “basic punches,” many are infused with Psycho Power! Yep, he’s someone that Shadoloo has tried to get a hold of and make the next “vessel” for M. Bison, but he’s not having it and even punches out one of their minions at the beginning of his reveal trailer.

Through the use of his Psycho Power punches, he can not only do damage to enemies at a greater distance, but he can knock them out of the air, stop their projectiles, and even hold them in place so that he can land more blows. In fact, one of his super moves is binding up his foes so that he can wail on them like a punching bag! It’s pretty cool.

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While he doesn’t do many projectile attacks in the traditional sense, if you rile him up enough, he will unleash a powerful Psycho Power-filled sphere that will keep you in its orbit and do damage, while Ed is free to add to your torment with more punches.

Another thing you’ll see in the trailer below is the “Ruined Lab” stage. In it, there are plenty of “vessels” for M. Bison to come back to, and this is likely where Ed was experimented on so that he could get Psycho Power. Plus, Ed does have a few outfits for you to put him in as he goes to battle against others.

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It’ll be curious to see what role Ed plays in the Street Fighter 6 universe going forward. You’ll find out soon!

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