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Street Fighter 6 Monster Hunter Crossover Celebration Available Now

Beginning today, players can hop into Street Fighter 6 and wear some of their favorite Monster Hunter gear to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary.

In honor of the franchise’s anniversary, Street Fighter 6 now has themed avatar gear, emotes, and special titles that can be unlocked via the game’s Fighting Pass. Various in-game collaborative events will also occur during the celebration.

A new trailer for the in-game event has been released, teasing one of the costumes available to wear in the game, as well as an updated look for the game’s Battle Hub, which sees a gigantic creature sitting in the lobby.

Check out the new trailer below:

New gear, weapons, and more

Alongside the costume changes, limited-time Monster Hunter weapon-shaped accessories will be available for purchase in the Hub Goods Shop via Fighter Coins or Drive Tickets. Premium rewards for the game’s Fighting Pass include things like avatar gear like Rathalos Helm, Mail, Coil, Greaves, and Felyne Head, as well as items like a “Happy Hunting!” photo frame, “Gimmie it Well-Done!” player title, and a “Hunter’s Dance” emote.

More content is also planned to arrive in the future, including the arcade game “Magic Sword” to the Battle Hub Game Center, and more character-specific tournaments as Kimberly and JP celebrate their birthdays this month.

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