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Suicide Squad has fewer active Steam players than Batman Arkham Knight

2015’s Batman Arkham Knight has briefly overtaken Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League in concurrent player numbers, as Rocksteady and Warner Bros’ live service game settles into the endgame grind ahead of Season 1. Arkham Knight did see a spike in players around Suicide Squad’s release, but now it looks like it’s managing to overtake the always-online game.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is finally out in the wild after several delays, as the Batman Arkham developer releases a follow-up in the same universe with very different, looter shooter gameplay. The superhero game hasn’t only been released on Steam, but thanks to SteamDB we can get accurate numbers and actively compare them with any other game on the platform.

As of writing this, Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has 2,422 concurrent players, while Rocksteady’s predecessor Batman Arkham Knight has 2,654 players, nine years after release. That’s a small gap, sure, but Suicide Squad is a live service game with an endgame to grind for, and Arkham Knight isn’t.

According to Forbes, the gap was equally as close earlier this weekend when both games had around 4,000 active players as well, with Arkham Knight just inching ahead. Considering how Suicide Squad is a sort of sequel to Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse, it’s no surprise that players are revisiting the series when a new entry drops. While the player counts are even smaller than Arkham Knight, both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City have seen an uptick in Steam players with Suicide Squad’s release, showing that the trend is series-wide.

To give you even more perspective, Suicide Squad currently has 3,500 Steam reviews, that’s 1,000 more reviews than active players right now, two weeks after the launch of a live service game. With Season 1 starting in March and another three seasons coming after that, all of which come with free characters, missions, and loot, I do not doubt that early adopters will return throughout 2024.

While our own Suicide Squad review wasn’t overly kind to how the live service leanings squander Rocksteady’s deep understanding of DC, the Suicide Squad Steam reviews have been more positive.

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This comparison isn’t as telling as Suicide Squad having half the day one peak of Marvel’s Avengers, a fellow superhero live service game with a very similar content loop, endgame grind, and content schedule. Marvel’s Avengers ended up dropping all support after less than three years.

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