The Sims 4 All Infant Milestones Guide

Infants have finally been included in The Sims 4, and the Growing Together expansion pack adds even more with infant Milestones. Milestones can be used to guide your play by giving you a roadmap of potential life events, and there are plenty of infant Milestones to aim for.

While all Sims have the same main Milestones categories, infants also have two additional categories.

Some Milestones are necessary in the development of an infant before moving on to the next. An infant cannot go into the high chair to eat until it has learned to sit up. Just like a real baby crawls before it walks, your Sim infants have to take things one baby step at a time. 

Image via Electronic Arts

All Infant Milestones

Meeting infant milestones and taking care of your precious wee one will give you a better chance of having a Top Notch Infant reward perk when they age up. These are the infant milestones we have discovered so far. This list will be updated as more are unlocked. 

  • Born / Born at Hospital
  • First smile
  • Learn to Coo
  • Lifted Head
  • First Blowout
  • Learn to Sit Up
  • Learn to Reach
  • Laugh
  • First Smiled
  • Roll Over to Back
  • Roll Over to Tummy
  • Grab
  • Babble
  • Slept Through the Night
  • Creep
  • First Food
  • Blow Raspberry
  • Toe in Mouth
  • First Bath
  • First Bubblebath
  • Crawl
  • Pee on Caregiver
  • Pull to Stand
  • Pincer Grasp
  • First Finger Food

Infant Milestones give the Growing Together a way to track memories throughout the generations as well as plan out how you want your Sims to age. For more The Sims 4 help, head over to our guides page.  

Featured Image via Electronic Arts

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