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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre DLC Includes New Character, Free Map

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game has some new DLC, including a free new map and a new character.

The DLC is available now, and the star of the show is the newest playable character, Virginia. Horror fans will be pleased to know that the character is not only based on iconic horror actress Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, Puppet Master), but is also voiced by the actress as well.

Virginia comes with a special ability, Boon, that allows players to contaminate blood buckets in the game with a special mixture that Virginia can make. This mixture can then be thrown at a Family member to temporarily stun them.

“With a tragic backstory of leaving her life as a nurse to find her missing son Jesse, Virginia comes across The Slaughter Family. Having been a nurse in the past, her ability offers a new take on Victim gameplay,” reads her character description.

Virginia is now available for purchase in the game for $9.99.

New, free map is also available to players

Alongside the addition of Virginia, the DLC also includes a free map in the form of The Mill, a three-floor building that will allow players to traverse through the game in way’s they haven’t been able to before. Each area of the map features a different way to play, and includes more verticality than the game has seen yet.

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