This Zelda ‘speedrun’ is legit one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen

It may be an N64 game in origin, but Ocarina of Time is one of those that now just belongs to everyone: and it has since the earliest days of the speedrunning community been one of the core speedrunning titles. There’s a bunch of reasons for this, beyond it being a very popular and much-loved game, and one big element is the number of glitches that can be triggered in-game, whether just through player input or with machine inputs (what’s known as tool-assisted speedrunning, or TAS). It’s a game that can be made to do a lot of funky stuff.

Every time someone says something about Ocarina being ‘done’, another speedrunner turns up to blow the old assumptions away, and long may that continue. But this particular run from the recent Summer Games Done Quick showcase is something different. It is on a ‘beta’ version of Ocarina, for one thing, and it’s using tools to activate glitches that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

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