Thymesia Endings Guide: All Hermes’ Answer Formulas

Thymesia is not a particularly long game, especially if you focus on the main story quests. However, if you want to access all of its endings, you’ll need to complete all the main quests and side-quests in every level, which can significantly extend your playtime, earning you the bad ending, good ending, or two regular endings.

This Thymesia guide covers all of the endings and is filled with spoilers across the game, including the final boss. Please stop reading now if you don’t want to know about some of the game’s bosses or endings.

How to Get Every Ending in Thymesia

Throughout your adventures in Thymesia‘s world of Hermes Kingdom, you’ll fight eight total bosses, but only four of them are required to progress. Besides the final one, each boss drops a different essential item called a core, and after you defeat the final boss, you combine two cores to receive one of the four endings.

Cores come in three varieties. They’re listed below with their associated bosses/quests:

  • Vile Blood:

    • Odur (first boss).
    • The Sound of the Abyss (second Royal Garden sub-quest).
    • Fool’s God (third Sea of Trees sub-quest).

  • Pure Blood:

    • Varg (third story boss).
    • Urd (Boss of first Hermes Fortress sub-quest).

  • Fused:

    • The Hanged Queen (second story boss).
    • Mutated Odur (final Sea of Trees sub-quest boss).

Both Aisemy (the princess and other inhabitant of Philospher’s Hill) and Emerald (an NPC hidden in various levels) can explain more about these cores. You’ll use that information to decide which cores to combine to create Hermes’ Answer, a special concoction to cure, expand, or assuage the disease plaguing Hermes Kingdom.

We go into more detail below about each of the endings if you’d like to read about them, but if you just want to know which items give you which ending, we’ve outlined them in this list. Do not read past the list if you do not want spoilers for each ending

  • Bad Ending — Combine a Pure Blood Core with Corrupted or Fused Core.
  • Regular Ending 1 — Combine two Vile Blood Cores.
  • Regular Ending 2 — Combine Varg’s Core with Urd’s Core.
  • Good Ending — Combine two Fused Cores.

Bad Ending: Chaotic Power

If you combine a Pure Blood core with a Corrupted or Fused core, you receive the Chaotic Power ending. A chaotic energy ravages the Kingdom — some people are cured of the plague, others become monsters, and others are transformed into grotesque half-beast, half-human hybrids.

Regular Ending 1: Blessing of Vile Blood

By purifying Hermes Answer with two Vile Blood cores, the Kingdom finds itself cured of the plague — loss of humanity and transformation into even worse monsters than before can be called a cure. It’s implied the player character Corvus himself is corrupted by the Vile Blood and becomes a murderer and villain worse than any of the foes he once fought.

Regular Ending 2: Blessing of Pure Blood

If you choose to combine Varg’s core with Urd’s, the plague is well and truly cured. Rather than make the Kingdom a better place, it condemns its people to lives of paranoia and power-mongering. The monsters may be gone, but men will only take their place.

Good Ending: Power of Cleansing

Speaking to Emerald about the various cores reveals that neither Vile nor Pure Blood are inherently evil but are instead ingredients that together can make a larger, more complete whole.

If you combine the two Fused Cores after facing the final boss, Corvus not only spreads the resultant mixture across the Kingdom but also uses his memories as an ingredient, showing that alchemy as a whole was the problem. The plague goes on, but the citizens of Hermes Kingdom are free to make their own decisions about dealing with it without seeking miracles from eldritch sources.

Those are the four endings available in Thymesia and how you get them. As you can see, you’ll need to complete almost every level in the game to earn all of them, but doing so lets you fight some of the game’s best bosses, as half of its content is locked behind the optional areas and encounters. We’ve covered much more about Thymesia, including how to level up, upgrade Potions, and take down enemies quickly. Check out our Thymesia hub for more.

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