Thymesia: How to Beat the Hanged Queen and Unlock the Fast Acting Potion

The second level in Thymesia is the Royal Gardens, and they’re not so much a testament to nature as they are to its antithesis. Festooned with red alchemical crystals and rivers of blood, if it was beautiful once, that time is long passed. The same could be said for the boss of the area, the Hanged Queen, ostensibly the previous Queen of Hermes Kingdom.

Her fight is much easier than the Odur encounter, as she only has one phase, and her attacks have much easier tells and dodge windows. The difference is that she can heal even if you keep attacking, meaning there’s no need for a second health bar. She’ll get that amount of health back naturally.

This Thymesia guide covers all of the Hanged Queen’s attacks, so you’ll have a better chance of taking her down during this boss fight and getting the Fast Acting Potion. 

The Hanged Queen Attacks

Almost all of the Hanged Queen’s attacks have a lot of windup and generous dodge windows. Avoiding them is a much easier task than avoiding any of Odur’s. She deals about 25% more damage than Odur does. Her repertoire is also smaller — you have about 25% fewer attacks to learn.

Regardless, you’ll want to be locked on to the Hanged Queen at all times, as some of her attacks would quickly take her out of standard camera range.

Jump Into Slam

The Queen jumps high and almost directly above you, slamming down on top of you. The hitbox for these attacks is nearly as wide as she is, but even if you’re in a corner, if you dodge in the half-second before she lands, you’ll take no damage and have almost two seconds to deal damage of your own.

Wing Arm Slam and Drag

The Hanged Queen stays on the ground for this attack, raising her left wing-arm and slamming it down on your head. The attack continues as she draws her claws backward, dealing additional damage and knocking you down. Dodging in any direction avoids the attack and gives about a second of free damage.


The quickest attack the Hanged Queen uses, she briefly rises on her haunches and takes a bite out of the space just in front of her. Despite the speed of this attack, it does about 90 damage if it connects, and it happens quickly enough that countering it is difficult.

Jump Back Into Scream

One of two attacks that sees the Hanged Queen kick up a gust of wind, stunning you for a moment. She’ll then take in air — with visible lines in the air showing so — then scream, shooting a wind blade at you. The blade itself travels quickly, but you can dodge toward and to its side to close some of the distance without taking damage. The Queen will have a brief recovery period, letting you get even closer for some additional damage.

Jump Back Into Heal

In the second jump attack, the Queen kicks up a gust of wind, stunning you for a moment. She’ll then start sucking up blood from the arena, healing as much as 25-30% of her health. You can deal damage to her Health and Wounds during this time, and while doing so reduces the amount she can heal overall, it does not stop the process. Even stunning the Queen out of the healing animation does not stop her from regaining health, and she’s liable to do this at least three times in the fight.

Jump Into Blood Nova

The Queen’s Ultimate, she jumps into the air and furls her wings around herself, then, after a couple seconds, explodes in a wave of fire, wind, and blood. The attack deals 180 damage if it connects, and there is no way to dodge it if you’re underneath her. Get as far away as possible to avoid being caught in the blast.

Those are all the attacks you’ll see while fighting the Hanged Queen in Thymesia. After beating her, you’ll teleport back to Philosopher’s Hill and receive the Fast Acting Potion, which doesn’t heal as much as even the standard Potion, but you will have two more available at any time. We’ve covered more about Thymesia here, including how to upgrade Potions, getting Forgotten Feathers, and the best Talents to unlock early. Our Thymesia guides hub has additional content.

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