Thymesia: How to Get and Farm Forgotten Feather

As you level up in Thymesia, you’re liable to find specific stats that pair better with the Talents and Plague weapons you enjoy most. Increasing your Vitality for more Health is always a good option, but if damage is an issue, you’ll want to boost the Strength and Plague stats. If you don’t want to grind to level up fast, you’ll eventually need a way to respec. That’s where Forgotten Feathers come in.

Forgotten Feathers are rare materials that you can take to Aisemy or use at a Beacon to reset every stat and Talent point you’ve spent, taking you back to Level 1 and allowing you to reallocate everything to your liking. But how do you get more Forgotten Feathers? This Thymesia guide tells you about that and more.

Collecting Forgotten Feathers

There is no easy way to get Forgotten Feathers. Your only sources are the end-of-level bosses, like Odur or the Hanged Queen. Every time you beat a boss — not a mini-boss or other large enemy — you’ll receive a single Forgotten Feather. This is true whether you fight the boss the first or fifth time. It doesn’t matter which boss you fight, either.

Because Thymesia lets you replay any main or sub-quest as often as you like, there is an optimal farming method for Forgotten Features. Progress through the game enough that you can easily fight one of the earlier bosses in either the Sea of Trees or the Royal Gardens and defeat them as many times as you’d like.

Which Boss to Fight for Forgotten Feather

We recommend finding Odur, the first boss in the Sea of Trees, for several reasons.

  1. He’s good Deflect practice. Many of the more complicated bosses have both fast and slow attacks, and Odur uses several of both.
  2. He has relatively low Health and does much less damage than other bosses for a leveled character. Burning the health bars in both of his phases doesn’t take too long.
  3. The initial Sea of Trees level is short enough that you can run through it in two or three minutes, especially if you opened shortcuts on your first time through. Combined with the three or four minutes you’ll spend fighting Odur, you can get five or six Forgotten Feathers an hour if you want to push things that hard.

The boss you farm for Forgotten Feathers ultimately depends on which one you enjoy fighting most. If Odur gives you fits, take on any of the others. There are more of them than you’d think. We’ve covered plenty of other Thymesia topics, including how to upgrade your Potions, the best Talents to unlock, and how to use Plague weapons. More is on the way as well, so check back often.

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