Tower of Fantasy: Best Heroes Tier List

Tower of Fantasy is out globally on mobile devices, but don’t expect to see all the original characters at launch, and those you do, expect to see many of them heavily nerfed. With that in mind, which heroes from the roster are the best?

This Tower of Fantasy guide will provide you with a tier list of the best heroes in the game. You will learn about their biggest strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommended matrices and allies.

S-Tier Heroes


Although Nemesis got somewhat nerfed in the global release of Tower of Fantasy, even with all the balance changes, she is still the most valuable character you can get in the game. Her Volt damage is highly potent, and she turns into a healer at Advancement 1 already.

She is also still the only character who has Elemental Resonance, which increases her Volt damage and resistance when equipped with two weapons.

Recommended Nemesis Matrices

  • Nemesis 4-set (2x, 4x).
  • Cocoritter 4-set (2x, 4x).

Recommended Nemesis Allies

  • Samir.
  • King.
  • Crow.
  • Tsubasa.


Unlike Nemesis, who got nerfed, Cocoritter was buffed for the global release and is currently has a 15% bonus on all damage and healing at Advancement 6. This makes her the best healer/debuffer close to global launch. She’s especially helpful against those pesky bosses.

Of course, if you already have Nemesis, then you don’t need Coco, who is otherwise an excellent alternative.

Recommended Cocoritter Matrices

  • Cocoritter 4-set (2x, 4x).
  • Pepper 3-set (3x).

Recommended Cocoritter Allies

  • Shiro.
  • Zero.
  • Huma.
  • Meryl.
  • Tsubasa.

A-Tier Heroes


Meryl is another victim of nerfing. Originally, she had powerful freeze traits that set her above all others in terms of crowd control, but even with that in mind, she is still one of the best tanks in Tower of Fantasy.

Her weapon is still very strong and capable of shattering shields like dry leaves. She can be a bit of a nuisance during boss fights, as her mobility could be better.

Recommended Meryl Matrices

  • King 2-set (2x).
  • Shiro 2-set (2x)
  • Robarg 3-set (3x).

Recommended Meryl Allies


King is one of the few heroes who was almost left untouched, and he is still considered a superior DPS character in the game. Just like Meryl, he has very high shatter damage. However, he has much better mobility than Meryl, and his only drawback is that he can be easily outgunned by her in PvP mode.

His Flame passive ability allows him to deal with multiple enemies at once if you include the damage bonus at Advancement 3.

Recommended King Matrices

  • King 2-set (2x).
  • Shiro 2-set (2x)
  • Robarg 3-set (3x).

Recommended King Allies

  • Samir.
  • Nemesis.
  • Crow.
  • Tsubasa.


Samir hasn’t been touched by the nerf hammer either, though some of her matrices have been. She is very similar in application to King, but her main source of damage is electricity. While King is more capable against a group of enemies at close range, Samir generates great results in ranged damage due to her charged weapon, which increases power with each advancement.

But her most famous skill is Domain of Thunder, which is a powerful AoE attack.

Recommended Samir Matrices

Recommended Samir Allies

  • Nemesis.
  • King.
  • Zero.
  • Echo.

B-Tier Heroes


The worst nerfs are the ones that affect the Advancement 1 stars, and unfortunately, Tsubasa got axed in that department, which reduced her stack damage by 3% percent. On the other hand, her powerful Piercing Shot ability still deals a ton of damage at distance.

But what really makes Tsubasa a special ranged character is that you can easily combine her bow with any other weapon to great effect.

Recommended Tsubasa Matrices

  • Samir 4-set (2x, 4x).
  • Tsubasa 4-set (2x, 4x).

Recommended Tsubasa Allies

  • Nemesis.
  • King.
  • Cocoritter.
  • Zero.


If you don’t mind backstabbing your enemies with dual blades, then Crow could be a very fine choice, who especially shines in PvP. Already at Advancement 1, you get powerful buffs like 40% damage increase for dual weapons and 100% increase to critical hit rate.

But his biggest source of damage is the Orbiting Blades attack, which makes him roll around and strike everyone in his sight.

Recommended Crow Matrices

  • Samir 4-set (2x, 4x).
  • Crow 4-set (2x, 4x).

Recommended Crow Allies

Those are the best heroes in Tower of Fantasy. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks articles while you’re here, like our guide to getting the Maglev Stalker, how to dodge, how to reroll, and how to break cracked walls.

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