Tower of Fantasy: How to Get and Farm Return Support Points

As much content as Tower of Fantasy has, gacha games aren’t for everyone. But with the 2.0 update and the addition of the Vera region, players everywhere are bound to return. Anyone coming back will have a lot of catching up to do, but thankfully, both veterans and lapsed players have a reward system for them. Those who never stopped playing can now earn Return Support Points to spend in an all-new store.

This Tower of Fantasy guide covers how you get Return Support Points, what you can do with them, and the best places to farm them.

Return Support Points Explained

To earn Return Support Points, you must complete playlist activities with a returning lapsed player: anyone who hasn’t played in seven days or more. With them in your team, you can participate in either Select or Challenge activities to earn specific amounts of Return Support Points.

You’ll be participating in the two playlists: Select missions and Challenge missions. The Return Support Values are below.

Select Mission Return Support Point Values

  • 30 points per completion of any activity at any difficulty. A Joint Operation at level 8 is the same reward as a level 1 Dimensional Trial, and so on.

Challenge Mission Return Support Point Values

  • Void Rifts: 30 points per boss kill. Good for getting some extra Matrices and gear but not the most efficient use of your time.
  • Raid: 50 points per clear. Unless you go into the Raid activity with a scuffed team, there will always be enough strong players to carry the returning one lagging behind.
  • Frontier Clash: There are two difficulties here.

    • Hard mode provides 20 points per boss kill for a maximum of 100, though reaching that milestone takes high stats, a good team comp, and a bit of luck.
    • Normal mode provides 5 points per round clear, for a maximum of 75 for a full completion. If you or one of your teammates can easily take out all the enemies and bosses, this is one of the better ways to farm Return Support Points. If you don’t manage much past round 10, it might be preferable to focus on other activities.

If you have a friend or friends who used to play Tower of Fantasy, they’re the easiest ask to get into your team and get back in the saddle. There are also ways to matchmake and group with random players for limited times.

Returning Executors will have a reward screen of their own called the Limited-Time Return Store, visible via the Stellarway Restart menu. They’ll mostly be collecting upgrade materials, but they only have 14 days to do so.

How to Group with Returning Players

There are two primary methods of grouping players needing help without already having you on your friends list.

  • Join a Support Match Joint Operation. These Joint Operations are designed to pair you up with returning players, but whether they actually do so is a bit suspect. Our tests got us nothing.

  • Respond to a Rescue Signal in the Support Store. At the top of the Support Store is a new button called Rescue Signal. Selecting it opens a list of players looking for help. You can either press the flag button to invite them to your group or send them a Whisper message. Whispers are more likely to get results, as you come off as more than someone spamming invites in hopes someone joins.

No matter how you help your returning Executors, you’ll be able to get your hands on Gold Nuclei, Proofs of Purchase, and other goodies. For more on the Vera update and Tower of Fantasy in general, check out our guides hub.

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