Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Red Nucleus in the Trucks on Artificial Island

Early in your exploration of the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll come across two trucks with Nuclei in them. These are two of the four Red Nuclei found in the wilds of the Island, and while they’re easier to get to than the other two, you’ll still need to do some exploring and trust in your jetpacking skills to reach them. 

This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you how to get into each of the trucks, as well as what to watch out for so you don’t get teleported far, far, away. 

How to Get into the Locked Trucks

There are over a dozen portals scattered about the Artificial Island, and most of the ones you can get to easily are blue. The red portals are much harder to reach and take you to the more remote reaches of the zone where the best loot lies. These locked trucks are two such places.

Getting Into the Truck Beneath the Platform

To get into the truck beneath a large floating platform near Base Zero, take the red portal beneath the smaller floating platform to the northwest of Base Zero. You’ll know it by the Small Stronghold called the Challenge Floating Island atop the small platform.

There are two ways to reach the portal. The easiest way is to glide down from the Eyrie Spacerift. If you haven’t unlocked that yet, the portal is still easily reachable, though it’s a bit of a hike. 

Continue northwest from the platform and climb the mountainside. You’ll pass the Scud Falls Spacerift on your way up, but keep going northwest and up to the next level of the cliffs.

With the Spacerift almost directly southeast of you, take off with your jetpack southeast toward the floating platform.

Stop off and clear the elite mobs, then claim the Supply Pod, but don’t take the red portal above them; it will take you far from your goal.

Instead, go below the platform with the Pod and take the red portal there. You’ll be teleported into the first truck with the Red Nucleus. Be careful there as well; there’s a blue portal close and behind where you spawn in the truck, so ensure you collect the Nucleus before touching it.

Getting Into the Truck Near the Airship

Reaching the inside of the truck directly to the south of the airship will take you a ways to the southeast; the portal inside is beneath another floating platform southeast of Base Zero.

Gliding down from the Eyrie Spacerift is once again the easiest way to reach the red portal, but traveling to the cliffs on the western side of Mount Sandy gets you there as well.

From Base Zero, head directly southeast to the cliffs and climb all the way up. The ledge you need to reach is straight south of the large pipe jutting from the mountainside. If you look northwest from the cliffs there, you should be able to see the red portal beneath the floating platform.

Glide across the gap, take out the elite mobs guarding the Supply Pod, and float down to the portal. You’ll be instantly teleported to the truck with the second Red Nucleus in it. As before, be careful you don’t accidentally step into the blue portal inside the truck, or you’ll have to make the whole journey again.

With that, you’ve collected each Red Nucleus in the two locked trucks in Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island zone. There are plenty of other things to discover in the new zone, and we’ll cover many of them soon. In the meantime, check out our other Tower of Fantasy guides across our hub, including our recipe list, how to find all Scenic Points, and our Best Weapons tier list.

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