Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Elemental Supply Pods

Out on the desert sands of Vera in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll see strange technological devices jutting out of the landscape. They have a roughly cylindrical base with a shielded Supply Pod at their top. These structures are called Elemental Supply Pods, and they’re one of the easier puzzles to solve for Black and Gold Nuclei and Old Vera Coins. We’ll cover how to open them in this guide.

Unlocking Elemental Supply Pods Explained

The mechanics behind looting Elemental Supply Pods are very straightforward. When you first encounter one, look at the color of the shield around the Supply Pod. That will determine which element you’ll need to open it.

  • Purple is Volt.
  • Blue is Frost.
  • Red is Fire.
  • White is Physical.

Actually unlocking the shield takes a little more effort. There will be several smaller shielded orbs floating in the air around the central Pod, and you’ll need to destroy four of them to lower the shield around the Pod.

The pods tend to move up and down in a set pattern, so while you can technically melee them, using ranged weapons like Samir’s Dual EM Stars or Tsubasa’s Icewind Arrow make the task much easier.

You only need to hit each smaller orb once to pop it, so unless your aim is particularly poor, getting the first few out of the way is simple. The initial orbs are usually close to the central Pod, but depending on how much verticality you have around you, the final couple of orbs could be above or below you. Also consider that the third orb only appears once you destroy the second, and so on.

If you’re having trouble finding the next small orb, explore the immediate area around the Pod. It will never be more than a few meters in any direction, but sometimes it’s hiding in a dark corner or on a plateau you’ll need to do some platforming to reach.

When you’ve destroyed all the small orbs, a sound cue will play, and the shield around the Pod will shatter, allowing you access. You will of course need a Weapon of every element to unlock all of the Elemental Supply Pods on the map, but a few dozen Gold Nuclei pulls should take care of that issue.

The addition of Vera is a massive update to Tower of Fantasy, so there’s a lot to cover outside of Elemental Supply Pods, and we’ll be going over plenty more in the days to come. In the meantime, head over to our Tower of Fantasy guides hub for much more.

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