Tower of Fantasy Lan Simulacrum Arrives in Update 2.4

Tower of Fantasy‘s Lan is the next Simulacrum to land in the game when updated 2.4 arrives on March 30. She brings with her a whole new of stories, alongside some other important additions to the game. In a new trailer, we got our first look at Lan, the narrative she’ll be a part of, and her powerful fire abilities.

It looks like the fight against the Greyspace Entities continues unabated, and the current cast finds themselves corner when Lan and an unknown associate appear from a dimensional gate to blast most of the enemies away.

Lan fights with an umbrella — an odd choice of weaponry in a science-fiction world — but she imbues it with the power of fire to blast away anything and everything in her path.

In the brief gameplay segment of the trailer, we see that she’s able to leave spectral versions of her umbrella behind, called Plumes. Whenever she uses her Skill, Lan travels through these Plumes in the order they were created,c causing massive explosions and dealing heavy Fire damage to anything nearby.

As a Fire-element simulacrum, Lan will come with Flame Resonance, boosting the power of both her and other Fire Weapons by 20%, provided you have two equipped. The issue many Tower of Fantasy players have, though, is that Frost has long been the dominant element, with many of the Fire Simulacrum being subpar in comparison. That hasn’t stopped players from going in on Fire, and hopefully, Lan gives Fire the boost it needs to really compete at a top level.

Lan is releasing on March 30, and her Special Banner will likely run for around 20 days. We’re also liable to see a reissue of previously-released Fire Simulacra like Cobalt-B and Annabella. For more on Tower of Fatnasy, check out our guides hub.

Featured image via Tencent.

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