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Twitch once again updates community guidelines prohibiting sexualised content

Twitch has once again updated its community guidelines to prohibit sexualised content, this time preventing streamers using their bodies as a green screen.

From 29th March, “content that focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged period of time” won’t be allowed, defined as buttocks, groin, or breasts.

“Content on Twitch is always evolving, and we want to make sure our rules work as intended and keep up with emerging behaviours,” reads a post from Twitch on social media site X. “When needed, we make updates to our rules to capture those shifts in behaviour, and so it’s clear to the community what is allowed.”

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The reason for the update is streamers using their bodies as a green screen, begun by Twitch user Morgpie earlier this month superimposed both YouTube videos and then Fortnite gameplay on her own behind.

Other streamers then followed using other intimate body parts as a green screen.

It’s all part of an increasingly antagonistic relationship between Twitch and streamers, with the platform making tweaks to its guidelines after streamers push the boundaries further.

Last year, Twitch’s sexual content policy was amended to allow certain previously prohibited content and then rolled back after the Art channel was flooded with explicit art.

Then earlier this year the guidelines were updated again to prohibit implied nudity after streamers began using black censor bars to imply nudity.

Streamers have responded to Twitch noting it’s always a step behind and is too reactive in its updates. As YouTuber Omni said: “These streamers are 2-steps ahead of you and working on a new meta that will force you guys to move the goal post yet again. These band-aid fixes won’t do anything. See you in 3 months.”

Meanwhile Twitch is working on a redesigned mobile app as part of improvements for 2024.

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