Two Point Campus: How to Increase Campus Level

Campus level is one of the more important aspects of Two Point Campus, dictating the overall quality and prestige of your university. At the same time, your campus level can determine the loan types you can take out, and you’ll earn course points to improve your courses every time you raise your campus level.

This Two Point Campus guide will tell you everything you need to know about increasing the quality of your university, making it an institution no prospect could pass up. 

Taking Your University to Another Level

Almost everything you do in Two Point Campus contributes to your overall campus level, and you can monitor it via the gauge in the bottom right corner of the screen, marked with a Pantheon icon to the right of the happiness and grade meters.

Each time this quality gauge fills, you’ll earn one new rank. It will then empty and “reset,” starting the march toward the next milestone. Any improvement you make to your school will raise your campus level, but here’s an overview of some of the better ways to do so. 

Ways to Increase Campus Level

  • Hire and Train Staff: Hiring new staff will give you a tidy boost your university rating, but each time any of your staff level up through training, you’ll also get a good boost. 
  • Build New Rooms: Every time you add a new room to your campus, you’ll get a boost to your overall university grade. Since you’ll be constructing new dormitories, lecture halls, libraries, and other facilities most of the time, you’ll always be adding to the bar. 
  • Improve Attractiveness: Your entire campus has an overall Attractiveness rating, and each room has its own Prestige level, raised by adding more items, increasing its own Attractiveness with plants, posters, furniture, etc., upgrading equipment, and more. Whenever you raise a room’s Prestige, you’ll get a boost to campus level, and increasing the overall Attractiveness of your campus has the same effect. Using the visualizer for Attractiveness can be a good way to improve things. Think about adding ancillary structures like the Coffee Stand and Hot Dog Stand, too. 
  • Get More Students: You can enroll more students at the end of each year, as well as by running marketing campaigns throughout the year. The more students you have, the higher your campus level will be. 
  • Keep Students Happy: Happiness level can also have a direct effect on campus quality, so you’ll want to do your best to keep students entertained. This can be done by building new rooms like Student Unions, adding arcade cabinets, and hosting events like concerts or movie nights. Always take advantage of these when you can. 

That should give you a good idea of how campus level works in Two Point Campus. Make sure to check back for even more guides on GameSkinny. 

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