Two Point Campus: How to Upgrade Courses with Course Points

Two Point Campus gives you a ton of different wacky options for curricula, from potions and wizarding to archaeology, cooking, and even clowning. Running these courses is the primary source of income for your university, so it’s important you take in as many students as possible each year. With that in mind, it’s important to know how to earn course points, and then how to use them to upgrade courses to make them better. 

Since things can be a bit unclear, especially when you first begin your academic journey at your first several colleges, this Two Point Campus guide will act as a crash course for getting points and upgrading classes. 

How to Get Course Points

Upgrading your courses has a variety of effects, such as increasing the number of enrollment applications you receive, determining the quality of students you intake, and boosting the max qualification level for said courses. Essentially, everything boils down to more money, and the higher your course level, the better your students can perform.

However, keep in mind that raising your course level requires you to build more facilities and hire more teachers. So you’ll need to make a quick buck through other means, as well. 

Earning course points is fairly simple, and there’s only one way to do it. To earn course points, raise your Campus Level. The bar in the bottom right corner of the screen is your Campus Level, and it rises whenever you make changes or improvements to your school. We have a whole guide on how to increase your Campus Level, but you’ll want to focus on improving the quality of each room, training your staff, and boosting Attractiveness. 

Each time you raise your Campus Level, you’ll get 10 course points, which can be used at the end of the academic year. These roll over each year if you don’t use them, which you’ll often run into because of how upgrade costs work. 

How to Upgrade Courses With Course Points

The end of the academic year is the only time you can use course points, so make sure to do so before hitting the “Start Next Year” button. After viewing the year’s results, click the “Manage Courses” button at the top of the screen. Each course will have a “+” and a “-” icon that adds and subtracts course points, and you’ll see the effect it has on the course’s parameters in the middle of the class card.

And that’s it! It’s as simple as that. If you click the gear icon on the top right of each course, you can see even more in-depth details about the class’ curriculum, the length it takes to complete the class, how many students have passed, etc. Under the tuition tab, you can also increase the amount of tuition each student pays, but doing so will lower happiness. 

That’s everything you need to know about using course points in Two Point Campus to upgrade classes. If you need any more extracurricular help, make sure to check out our guides hub with even more tips

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