Usher in Your PSVR 2 Headset With the Latest Gran Turismo 7 Update

Developer Polyphony Digital has updated Gran Turismo 7 to support the newly released PlayStation VR 2 headset. Included as part of the “Update 1.29” patch, owners of both GT7 and Sony’s latest VR kit will be able to experience races with a new level of realism and authenticity.

Along with this new support is a VR Showroom so that players can get an up-close inspection of their vehicle collection. These modes will not be available in two-player split screen.

PSVR 2’s Sense Wand will be fully supported in Gran Turismo 7 and provide haptic feedback based on how you’re driving. The upgraded display in Sony’s new headset will also provide a specially calibrated HDR experience, foveated rendering based on eye position (a feature that lets the game blur edges where the player isn’t looking), and 3D audio support.

All of this will be available for no extra cost to owners of both the game and the VR headset. Sadly, the PS4 version of Gran Turismo 7 will not be getting any VR updates, but that makes sense considering the technology used in this latest PSVR 2 kit.

Featured image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

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