Warhammer 40k: Darktide Patch Delayed to December 15

The Warhammer 40,000: Darktide community has been waiting for the patch announced in last week’s community update. The post’s phrasing is a little confusing, but it has at least been confirmed that a patch will be out this week. Just it’s delayed a day.

What’s to be included in this week’s Darktide patch, which was scheduled for today, December 14, isn’t entirely clear. The community update did mention:

  • Two additional weapons (that are almost certainly for Ogryn Skullbreakers)
  • Private lobbies
  • Revamp to Aquilas
  • The “Refine Item” option being added to the crafting mention to allow for rerolling perks on weapons and Curios
  • Emotes

[Update: The patch notes for tomorrow’s patch have been released.]

The phrasing for timings on each point aren’t entirely clear, however it can be assumed these will mostly be included in tomorrow’s patch.

The delay was announced on the official Fatshark forums by Community Manager Aqshy, who noted they were readying the patch and that it should be released not too long after working hours resume tomorrow, on December 15.

Last week’s community update post noted that this upcoming patch will be the biggest one to the game yet. We’ll have to see exactly what’s in store after the patch fully launches tomorrow.

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