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Watch Out, ‘Rain World’ Is Getting Another Major Expansion

Rain World, known for its lush visuals and brutal difficulty, is getting another major expansion soon to accompany last year’s Downpour DLC.

Dubbed ‘The Watcher’, it’s only been confirmed for Steam at the time of writing, but we feel reasonably confident that it will also make its way to Nintendo’s console at some point down the road.

The trailer doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on at this stage in terms of what exactly the expansion will entail, but Akupara Games has provided a rather enticing teaser that should hopefully give a flavour of what you can expect:

Journey beyond to something, somewhere only ever glimpsed. When the world beneath your feet cracks and crumbles, will you hold on to all you once knew? Or dive into the unknown?

The wilds that await will be unlike all that’s come before.

Unknown creatures stalk and climb and dive and hunt. New breeds rip and pluck and burrow and hide. Predator and prey redefined. And through the middle of it all, a lonely, lost slugcat trying their best to outlast the ravages of a warped world.

It all sounds quite intriguing, so we’ll be sure to keep our eye out for any further updates, including the expansion’s release date, in the coming weeks and months.

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