Where is the Peng Treasure?

Even if we’re still not quite sure what it is, finding the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space Remake is worth your time. Nabbing it nets you the “There’s Always Peng!” trophy and achievement. In addition, the Peng Treasure is worth a whopping 30,000 credits (that’s 3 Power Nodes!) when sold at a store, making it the most valuable item in the game. Wondering where to get it? We’ve spent time searching for it so you don’t have to.

Where to Find the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space Remake

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The Peng Treasure can be found in Chapter 11, which is where it’s located in the original Dead Space. That said, it’s not in the same place it was originally, so don’t close that tab just yet.

In the original game, the Peng Treasure was on the loading dock you arrive on in Chapter 1. Because it’s below the platform, you needed the Kinesis ability to access it. That meant you couldn’t claim it until you returned to the platform in Chapter 11.

In Dead Space Remake, the Peng Treasure is still in Chapter 11, but this time it’s in the Cargo Bay. Once you’re in the Cargo Bay, you’ll take a lift down to “Engage the Cargo Crane.” You’ll know you’re in the right place because you’ll be in a large room with the Marker, the centerpiece of Dead Space‘s story.

Once you step off the lift, look behind you. You’ll see several gray crates (the kind you can move with your Kinesis ability) piled up in front of a poster advertising the Peng Treasure. That’s convenient, and it should help you figure out where to look.

Clear the crates out of the area with your Kinesis ability, and you’ll see a couple of previously hidden lockers. The Peng Treasure is inside the leftmost locker. If you’re still having trouble, you can see a picture of the Peng Treasure’s exact location above, complete with the map location.

Don’t forget to sell it once you acquire it. As cool as the Peng Treasure is, it doesn’t have any practical value. Don’t worry if you get attached to it; the Peng Treasure will be there during your next New Game Plus run.

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