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Wizards of the Coast President Cynthia Williams Steps Down

Some big changes are coming to one of the largest companies in the tabletop industry. Wizards of the Coast President Cynthia Williams, who took over when former President Chris Cocks was promoted to CEO of Hasbro, has announced she will be stepping down from her position.

Wizards of the Coast President’s Stepping Down

According to report from ComicBook, an SEC filing disclosed the Wizards of the Coast President would be leaving the company on April 26. Williams held her position as President for two years, her last position being the General Manager and VP of the Gaming Ecosystem Commercial Team at Microsoft. Before that, she worked for Amazon in e-commerce.

Just in time for celebration of 50 years of a brand.

Under Williams’ leadership as Wizards of the Coast President, the company earned over $1 billion in 2023. This financial success was aided in part by the critical acclaim and financial success of Baldur’s Gate 3. Furthermore, Williams oversaw the company pivoting to digital formats, including the purchase of digital content platform D&D Beyond.

However, that leadership was overshadowed by multiple controversies, including the devastating OGL debacle and the delay of physical copies of the Dungeons & Dragons supplement, The Deck of Many Things.

Hasbro provided the following comment on the departure of the Wizards of the Coast President, stating the following:

“We’re excited for Cynthia to take the next step in her career and grateful for the contributions she has made in her more than two years at Wizards and Hasbro. We wish her the absolute best in her next endeavor. We have started the search for our next President of Wizards of the Coast and hope to have a successor in place soon.”

At time of writing, Hasbro is conducting a process to identify a successor for the position. They are currently “looking at both internal and external candidates” for the role.

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