Day: August 20, 2020


Turn demons into Elvis with this Doom Eternal mod – wait, this is official?!

Mods let you do anything. They’ll let you turn Skyrim into one of the bawdiest sex games around. They’ll even let you turn demons into Elvis, as a new Doom Eternal mod demonstrates – wait. I’m now being informed that this is, in fact, an official Doom Eternal skin available as part of an in-game event starting today. Because it’s 2020, and we all need a little joy in our lives. read more


Sarah Elmaleh Is Fostering Collaboration Between Developers And Voice Actors

Video game characters are much more than the sum of their pixels. Behind the dialogue, grunts and cheers is a talented actor working hard to bring life to games’ tangible but distant worlds. Sometimes their names are front and center, like David Hayter’s next to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. Other times you may go through an entire game without connecting the dots. read more


New Batman Game Teaser Seemingly Reveals Another Look at the Game’s Map

This week, WB Games Montreal has been releasing a number of teasers for what seems to be the next Batman video game. As with other recent clues, the latest comes from the @r3dakt3d Twitter account. The image in the Tweet below has the roman numerals for “364” hidden throughout. When those numbers are punched in on the third entry on the r3dakt3d website, they reveal another piece of what seems to be the game’s map, as well as the words “Third Times A Charm.” It seems likely that the full picture won’t come into focus until Saturday’s DC FanDome event, but fans are clearly having a good time trying to decipher the various clues! read more


Frostpunk’s final DLC is a frozen stand against London

Frostpunk‘s final chapter has thawed, and it’s awful precarious. In part because On The Edge literally places your town on a cliffside, sure, but also because 11 Bit’s final DLC wraps its story on a political turning point – tasking you with no only surviving the bitter cold, but wrangling the rest of your frostbitten compatriots in determining a future outside of the oppressive gaze of New London. read more


Fall Guys was almost called “Fool’s Gauntlet”, dev reveals

Would Fall Guys have been half as popular if it’d been called Fool’s Gauntlet? How about Stumble Chums? I’m quite fond of the latter myself, so it’s probably for the best I’m not Jeff Tanton. The Mediatonic creative director today posted a whimsical dive into Fall Guys’ early life, winding a wobbly trail through concept art, ditched names and winning over publishers with Japanese gameshow gifs. read more


Big Nintendo Switch Port Leaked Ahead of Reveal

A big Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite port has seemingly leaked ahead of its official reveal. As you may know, the Nintendo Switch has a growing reputation for getting games after they release. Unlike some other ports, a Nintendo Switch port is a bit trickier, which perhaps explains at least partially why this happens so much. It also likely comes down to money and getting players to double-dip. That said, if the Activision had the latter intentions with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, well, the surprise has been spoiled. read more