God of War Sequel Easter Egg Discovered

God of War was one of the biggest video game launches in 2018 and it doesn’t come to much surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting to hear more information about the franchise. We won’t spoil anything from the last installment, but a new Easter egg was discovered online thanks to a brand new dynamic theme that was given out to fans of the series. If you recall, there is an anniversary celebration going on with the franchise right now and fans have been given some new content to enjoy such as the dynamic theme for PlayStation 4. It’s within this theme that fans have discovered a new Easter egg that could hint at the upcoming sequel.

While we don’t have any official word of a sequel in the works for God of War, it wouldn’t be surprising. God of War 2018 soft reboot was a massive hit and we’re approaching the next generation consoles. As a result, we could see the series continue on with the PlayStation 5. However, because there is no information as to a sequel, we really don’t have anything to report for what’s to come. That is until the dynamic theme released and fans online discovered a small hidden message on the boat Kratos and Atreus are using. If you look closely, there is text that resembles “Ragnarok is coming” which is Norse god that handles the apocalypse.

Could this text be an indicator that a sequel is in development and we’ll be facing against Ragnarok at some point? Really, only time will tell but for now let the speculation begin. As mentioned, God of War released in 2018 and you can enjoy it exclusively on the PlayStation 4. In other recent God of War news, Sony has released a video to celebrate the franchise.

Source: Reddit


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