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Aegis Rim’s Time-Travel Mech Story Unfolds In The Coolest Way

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, the latest PS4 game from developer Vanillaware, tells the story of 13 Japanese high school students who get mixed up in a war between mechs and massive kaiju beasts that spans over a century and a half of history. To get the whole story, you have to weave together chunks of narrative from each of the 13 characters. Also, there’s some strategy-style mech action. read more


Tell Me Why Portrays A Nuanced Trans Story

In a way, the first episode of Tell Me Why wants to convince you that people aren’t as bad as you think. It’s a weird message for me, a trans man playing a video game, to hear—both video games and the people who surround them can be worse than I think, and I’m constantly braced for some trans joke or violent plotline. Tell Me Why pulls off the impressive feat of showing everyone—both its trans protagonist and the people who’ve hurt him—as complicated and doing their best, without shying away from where they all fall short. It’s a supernatural story that takes place in rural Alaska, about as far from my own life as I can imagine, but at times it felt almost too real. read more