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Counting My ENTIRE Gaming Collection!

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28 days ago

How many games do you have in your collection?

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28 days ago

Gotta play Sekiro!!! 😀

28 days ago

Love ur channel man 💯👍🏾❤
U got me back playing games again 💯

28 days ago

Gym channel?

28 days ago

Bro has rd2 ps5

28 days ago

I love your humour bro 😂😂 always bothering your girl like we used to do with our siblings

28 days ago

SEKIRO IS AMAZING! Please, do yourself a favour and get into that game

28 days ago

Only have 10 games so far on my ps5 recent purchase the ps5 last year lol. So don’t judge haha 😂

28 days ago

Really nice bro. I get my games for all 3 which has ended up with mostly switch and like 25 on ps5 and about 30 on xbox.

I like your collections more thriller than filler.

28 days ago

Wait a minute, I thought you had sifu🤔 and man give that guy back his game😅. Also, I couldn't get into dead space recently, I liked the Callisto Protocol better.

I have 1 n64 game, 1 gamecube game, 2 ps1 games, 10 ps2 games, probably like 5 nintendo ds games, 20 ps4 games (technically 19 physical since I still have fall guys digitally on my ps5), 18 ps5 (technically 14 physical because of Astros playroom, fall guys, make the burger, and the matrix awakens is only digital). So 52 games if I just count the physical games.

28 days ago

Love the video as always.
Nice collection. A lot of solid titles. Across all consoles I have 960 physical games. Roughly another 400 digital.
Yes I have a problem. Recognition is the first step. 😂

28 days ago

The games I platinum I give to gamestop, so my physical collection isn’t very big

28 days ago

Awesome collection!! I want an uncle like yours 🤣 I'm a Nintendo girl, and my collection has grown over the years since my parents were against gaming. I have 3 Gameboy games, 17 GBA games, 21 DS games, 30 Wii games, 60 Switch games, 3 PS4 games, and 6 PS5 games. I'm still collecting for all my systems. I didn't have the Gameboy, but I still have my original GBA Sp, so I'm always on the lookout for good games. Since the Wii can also play also play Gamecube games, I'm on the lookout for good games on that system as well.

28 days ago

wow you have a copy of resident evil 4 remake in front of you and havent played it yet. Guardians of the Galaxy is super underrated, great game.

28 days ago

Fantastic collection

28 days ago

I’ll take that extra copy of AC:Odyssey off your hands. Pretty please.

28 days ago

That’s a few to many. 😂😂😂

28 days ago

Sick collection. Even Pablo is stoked and that says something. Only thing I have to suggest is to get a PS1 and couple of games for the sake of nostalgia, and PS2 had some amazing gems as well (best console ever sold) -not sure how it compares to ps4 or 5 in terms of sales but It should still be the no.1.

28 days ago

Really solid collection, man! You've got some of the best games there are for sure. I love looking through my game collections. I've not got as many PS5 games as you with only 21. But Xbox has always been my main console and I haven't bothered to count all those. I stopped trading in games after the XB360/PS3 generation so I am guessing 500+ games between PlayStation 3,4, and 5 and XB360, 1, and Series X. Another 200 or so on Wii, Wii U and Switch. And another 100 or so on handhelds with PSP, Vita, DS and 3DS. Maybe another 100ish older console games like GameCube, N64, PS1&2 and OG Xbox. I bet with all the odds and ends thrown in I am near 1,000 total.

28 days ago

Nro what happened to your hair 🤣🤣🤣

28 days ago

I also didn't like the horizon combat

28 days ago

give some respect to Xbox and PC gaming as well dude u know they are far better

28 days ago

How many games do i have? Most would say too many, but they don't understand the mindset of a collector of physical media & the joy one gets simply looking upon the cases, admiring the artwork & any additional items that came with it. I have been a collector since i was 6 with the Sega Mega Drive, but i suppose it became my collection when i was able to buy the games myself. I have a large collections for the PS1/2/3/4/5, a collection for the Mega Drive/Dreamcast, Gamecube/Wii/ WiiU/DS/3DS/Switch, Xbox/360/Xbox 1/Series X. I also bought the Sega Drive Mini/Mini 2 to fill in gaps from that era as i was too young to bribe my parents for more games😂 My collection is something that brings me joy & a feeling of Zen knowing i can pick up the game i want, select it, have something tangible in my hands. Perusing my collection allows for spontaneous play of games from my youth up until today. Todays thinking is more convenience, having it at the touch of a button over building a collection & i can understand that approach but it's not for me. Perhaps it is an age, a generational difference, but it was normal & actually seen to be the standard in my earlier gaming days as digital purchases weren't a thing. To have a physical game collection was it. Most of my friends had their's & we would borrow titles from each other like in that video PS4 did to roast Xbox during that gen. Cool collection, man, i may have more, but i have been doing it longer with little to no console gen breaks, plus i am slightly mental 😂. I hope you cherish your collection & don't fall victim to convenience down the road, but with that infernal all digital future lurking, we all may have no option but to be beholden to the storefronts & choice will be removed from the equation. Good video man, nice to see you aren't perfect, that you too double dip without realising it. We have all fallen victim to it at some point if you collect long enough. Soon, all you will need is a separate room for your collection like i have & for others to judge you weird for it😂

28 days ago

I was enjoying this video…UNTIL you said you enyoted Immortals…Rising. WHAT?! lol Jk man great video!

28 days ago

Did you ever notice you don't have Returnal. How did it that happen.