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Diablo 4 PTR Boost by CAPCOM

Diablo 4 Season 4 Campfire Chat, and PTR Boost by CAPCOM. (Spoof)

Twitch: FrostylarooTV (I have not streamed… yet)

*Statements in this video are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as facts.

*Video clips in this video were taken out of context from the Original videos.


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21 days ago

Ahhh yes blizzard the company of broken promises and straight up lies great company lol.

21 days ago

One big fuck off to these devs. I loved previous Diablo games. This one i sold (PS5) and I will never return. Screw you.

21 days ago

Frosty rocks whether d4 good or bad, keep it up.

21 days ago

Or the end….And he got you again Rax πŸ™‚

21 days ago

well we are going to need about 1k more items for uniques and legendaries and mix it up go crazy so we can build some crazy builds,

21 days ago

im curious, did they fix resistances by now? πŸ˜€

21 days ago

S1 is make or break!!
S2 is make or break!!
S3 is make or break!!
S4 is make or break!!

21 days ago


21 days ago

1:18 i swear even the diablo team KNOWS ITS NOT GONNA HAPPENS LOL

21 days ago

Absolute. Gold. Love yah, Frosty! The videos are absolute fire! I wish I had more Platinum to hit more like buttons, but the Battle Pass didn't give me enough Platinum to buy more…

21 days ago

their main theme:Love and Peace πŸ˜€

21 days ago

Missed oppurtunity to put Steve Carells line from Anchorman; "I love Lamp!"

21 days ago

Deep, meaningfull and thought provoking changes that clearly aim to please the discerning gamer of today. Clearly the focus was on the todays pretty rare "player first" school of thought and i cannot help but tip my hat to the ingenuity of the developers. lol

21 days ago


21 days ago

Another excellent video, thanks for your hard work dude

21 days ago

Dragon Dogma 2 is a horrible game… Because I can not stop playing it πŸ˜‚
Dont buy it seriously, not that you need that mtx in the game ( because 1 hour in the game they are already pointless ) and not because you are some kind of couch warrior that protests against mtx ( but surely plays tons of other games with mtx ) — But because of how damn addictive the game is. Too much fun is not good for you πŸ˜€

21 days ago

w8.. We got a countdown timer on Greater Rifts !


21 days ago


21 days ago

I laughed so much breathing was difficult for a bit, but that was just from the video title.
Then I watched the video. A Frostylaroo video or breathing..I'll take the video and live with laughing hard enough to black out.

21 days ago

best joke was we can now trade uniques. all they did in last seasons was disable trading after 1 or 2 days because dupeing. and i know they dindtn solve it because that dupething was only seperate a stack to single part in stash and relog in to get full stacks of em. who trust in that what they talking? me not.
gauntlet was brainless 1st and 2nd season useless too. who love to grind a season long this 3 ΓΌunique boss part? me not. stupidness for zombies.
this game is not shineing. πŸ™‚

21 days ago

Great video man! πŸŽ‰

* now back to LE *

21 days ago

The fine line of subtlety and sharp observation is impressive here! Cheers @Frostylaroo

21 days ago

The boost in ptr satire is a L take on this creator… as this is not a boost moving ever to actual game… its just to allow people to test things in ptr

21 days ago

this game will still be shit, you'll see LOL

21 days ago

The answer to everything… Love

21 days ago

Im kinda disappinted we havent gotten the completionist boost package yet. Where you pay the game’s full price again, and you just get all the achievements, all uniques, everything completed and unlocked, all the horses and armor cosmetics. That would be awesome.

21 days ago

Wait hold on 7:45 no sarcasm? 🀣

21 days ago

Horses! we need more Horse content!

21 days ago

Diablo 4 PTR Boost by SONY. It's MORBIN TIME!

21 days ago

Thank you Frosty!

21 days ago

Imagine if poe didn't have a loot filter and had limited stash…? Oh wait a minute that's d4. Oh instead of adding a loot filter let's re do the whole itemization. Great idea. I hope they don't fuck it up even more. Frankly I'm sick of having no stash..

21 days ago

I wish you added the mathTM by Blizzard in the video πŸ˜€

21 days ago

Till this day I don't know who the microtransactions for dragons dogma 2 are for. They are beyond bad, they don't make any sense.

21 days ago

love your videos, it makes my day !

21 days ago

Are they legit copying last epoch lmfao. Blizzard has become such a collective bunch of sad losers

21 days ago

Another gem. You've outdone yourself again. Last Path of Diablo is going to be great.

21 days ago

Tbh i love ur content cause u can see both sides. U see the evil but see the good too. Really all games have the same toxic stuff. D4 not the only BAD. PoE & LE both get the same reviews. ITS ALL OPINIONS.

21 days ago

Haha πŸ˜‚ never disappoint. Love the humor. the zoom in on the dude πŸ˜‚ and video clips. The end was funny Raxx saying you probably preparing for your next video lol

21 days ago

I'd LOVE to know why these clowns STILL have no paladin/knight class in this shit game? Blizz sucks GG.

21 days ago

Maybe by the expansion the game will be out of beta.

21 days ago

You ditched the bullshit accent! Nice!

21 days ago

I fully realize this is satire but I think a lot of the people comparing and commenting on DD2's microtransactions, have absolutely no idea what those MTX do. You genuinely need to be short braincells in the double-digits to buy any of them. Lol

21 days ago

This is now the premier D4 news channel. I get way more enjoyment out of this than the actual game.

21 days ago

they ruined my favorite-absolute-ultra-super-hobby, which I wanted to make a career of. I am a Guinness-approved speed-inventory-sorter and now they ruined it by making less loot drop.πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ίβ˜Ή I hate my favorite game D4 so much! 😑