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Filmmaker Reacts: Honkai Star Rail – Sparkle Trailer Monodrama

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20 days ago

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20 days ago

My interpretation of the previous trailer is still that, as her acting skill improved, she went from not being to portray emotions well, to becoming the character she's playing, to eventually creating a whole new persona/version of herself to portray that character in order to manipulate the audience('s emotions), perhaps for her own entertainment. And at the end, when she refers to the world as "an even bigger stage", it feels like she's simply saying she's considering the entire world her audience (perhaps again with the intention of manipulating them and their emotions for her entertainment). And in this case it's perhaps a nonchalance of killing off the roles that she played as they're no longer necessary, no longer entertaining to her. This could be a reference to how the Aeon she follows has done similar things in the past, with things ranging from worms to entire worlds.

20 days ago

"Really nice opening shot"
gets shot

20 days ago

So I’m almost surprised you didn’t count the chambers. By the time she was forcing the other her to shoot her, she had shot 4 times. Meaning that that shot was a true 50/50, which is what sent her spiraling into that crazy imagery scene.
I see that as the ultimate high of surviving that game of Russian roulette for all 5 chambers. You know that wasn’t the bullet because it was fired in truth at the very end.
You’ll also notice she was more disappointed when firing the first 2 chambers. I think this was because those would’ve also been satisfying to her because that’s similarly low odds and would’ve been exciting.

Elation. Pursuit of the thrill.

20 days ago

react to acheron trailer pls

20 days ago

this is awesome ✨✨ also the reason they showed other characters there, she can transform herself into another character,

20 days ago

Sparkle is ELATION. She just likes to stir things up to make them more interesting, chaotic theatre kid.

Yes she can "illusion" her appearence.

Monodrama is the title of this trailer and she's playing every role.

The finla image is "The Final Supper" reference but everyone is Sparkle and MUCH more violent than the original piece.

20 days ago

I just noticed, her mask near the end was full Red.

It's like she killed the "pure" half of herself, and now only the dark bloody side is all that's left.

But then she shows up at the end, with her normal half and half mask, indicating that she's still the same split broken person and everything is just an illusion.

A prank from a fool.

20 days ago

13:00 She can visually transform into any other character or become invisible. She did it with us few times in main story quest – pretended to be someone else.

20 days ago

Plz, do Acheron trailer :O !

20 days ago

4:53 when I first saw this I thought it was just like a twisted version of the last supper lol

20 days ago

For me, this is their best trailer. Honkai Star Rail did come out with another animated short called ‘Rondo Across Countless Kalpas’, I definitely recommend checking that out. And the Acheron trailer.

20 days ago

you HAVE to watch the acheron/black swan animated trailer!!! imo its the best video hoyo ever made!!

20 days ago

I always love your analyses

20 days ago


20 days ago

Her Trailer reminds me of Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live, from her face to her "unhingeness".

20 days ago

Her catch phrase is "why so serious".

20 days ago

My question is: who is talking to whom. Is it Sparkle talking to Sparkle, or is it Aha talking to (and through) Sparkle, and if so, what is Sparkle's special role on the path of Elation.

20 days ago

There's quite a few other myriad celestia trailers you can watch.. the last one being "kyode" (the name is more long, but idk why YouTube insist in translating the titles to spanish instead of showing me the english one)

20 days ago

We don't know much about her, apart of her being part of the mask fools (a faction in the game), even the "idol" trailer could simply be a lie of her.. at the end of that one when she ask "who is the real Sparkle?" you can see in each TV a different story (one of those being the idol story one)

She has the power to create illusions and mask herself as other people

20 days ago

Can't wait to see you react to Acheron's trailer

20 days ago

Acheron trailer 😢

20 days ago

FINALLY!! Now Acheron's is nxt YOUR COLOR! 💛💛

20 days ago

Love to see you break the Acheron trailer. I wanna know what your thoughts are from a technical lend. (Pun not intended)

20 days ago

Fun fact: Sparkle is the type of character that sends you a Rick Roll in game. (Yeah, that actually happened)
You've also missed all of Acheron's videos while you were gone, which you'd probably find all of them interesting.
-Animated Short: Rondo Across Countless Kalpas
-Myriad Celestia Trailer – "Kyoden: A Cleave Across the Transient World"
-Acheron Trailer – "Your Color"

20 days ago

I also noticed that her eyes glow whenever she pulls the trigger on herself, which probably means she gets a high whenever she pulls the trigger.

20 days ago

The roast chicken at the end is believed to be (at least in part) a joke referring to Shaoji, one of Hoyo's most well known (and infamous) writers, and someone who fills many Honkai fans with dread.

"Shaoji" = "Roast Chicken".

20 days ago

I think reaction without hitting pause every 5sec for the first time and then rewatching with stopping and discussing is much better, than making a slide show from the get go.
If you gonna stop so much from the start, then it looks like you already watched it beforehand, so then "reacts" word in title is a clickbait.

20 days ago

Sparkle can change her form into anyone. So her body is used as a stand in for everyone – all the people she killed at the beginning the 3 at the table are sparkle versions of Himeko, Welt, and March who has joined the Trailblaze for this arc of the adventure.

Another note is the White and Red masked versions. White is the realest version of Sparkle in this video – while Red version is Aha – Aeon of Elation. It's a 4th wall breaking deity that Sparkle is contemplating and ultimately following. She kinda flirts with the idea of Elation when she shoots herself first and seems unfazed – but then Aha takes the gun shoots 4 more times, until you get to the last bullet. Sparkle as the gun but tries to pull away from Aha, seemingly a little scared. They are LITERALY Elation. Then eventually she has accepted the mask goes from one color to half & half. She's a follower, committed to this path.

The last scene also evokes Last Supper kinda vibes but with Aha being at the center of it.

20 days ago

The Rondo Across Countless Kalpas is an animated short that has come out

20 days ago

3:15 I believe this shot was to emphasize her feet, making many instinctively pull out their wallets

20 days ago

Philip's facial expression on every other reaction video thumbnail: 👁👄👁

20 days ago

Good to have you back, your analysis videos for HSR always interest me and I end up weighing your opinion very highly, as you have actual cinematic experiece.
Amazing insight into the personality of a character you only know through a few videos! I look forward to your delve into Acheron's video series, as her videos have been MUCH more cinematic. Sparkle was playful and unhinged, but Acheron……..
well, you'll see.

20 days ago

Yass been waiting for this one

20 days ago

Please do a reaction to HSR " Rondo Across Countless Kalpas" I really wanna hear about your opinion. It's really good animation

20 days ago

"I want to know if anymore animated shorts have come out"

Boy howdy, do I have good news for you. You'll want to check out "Rondo Across Countless Kalpas".

A useful tidbit to know going into it is that Black Swan, the white haired lady, is able to deep dive into people's memories, and borders on immortality via existing more as a concept (Technically a memetic entity) than a flesh-and-blood person.