God of War: Ragnarok — Althjof’s Rig Collectibles Guide

After talking to Raeb in Nidavellir, you’ll gain the “In Service of Asgard” Favor, which tasks you with shutting down three mining rigs in the Bay of Bounty. You can continue on to Durlin or explore these areas for collectibles and XP, all while helping Mimir deal with the demons of his past. 

Here’s what you can expect to find at this location. There are four collectibles in total, all of which you can gather on your initial visit. 

  • x1 Odin’s Raven
  • x1 Legendary Chest
  • x2 Lore

Svartalfheim: Althjof’s Rig Collectibles Locations

Odin’s Raven

Dock the canoe, and climb up the chain. At the top, stay on the left side (opposite the cog you’ll need to turn), and look through the hole in the structure ahead of you. The Raven is perched inside.

Lore Runes (The Squasher)

Use the gear to lower the gantry, and go across. Follow the main path around, up, and through the gate before jumping down to ignite more barrels. Climb up and around, then smash through the floor to fight the enemies. The Lore is on the wall on the left side of this area.

Lore Scroll (Passion)

Destroy the two barrels on the south/southeastern side of the smokestack with Atreus’ Sonic Arrows, and shimmy around. Make your way back to the gear, and use it to move the gantry to the very top of the tower. Climb back up the chain, and swing across, smashing through the wall in the structure ahead. Turn right, then look on the right side by the metal grate window for the scroll on the ground.

Legendary Chest

  • Reward: Njord’s Tempest – Light Runic Attack.

From the scroll, follow the path to the end to find this Legendary Chest.

Be sure to interact with the furnace at the base of the smokestack to shut down the mining rig and complete the location before moving on. For more collectibles locations, such as those at Radsvinn’s Rig, click the link or head over to our growing Ragnarok guides hub

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