God of War: Ragnarok — How to Get Muspelheim Seeds

The realm of Muspelheim was a source of some of the best gear in the 2018 reboot of God of War, and the same is true in God of War: Ragnarok. Getting to it this time is a bit more complicated, as you need two Muspelheim Yggdrasil Seeds to unlock access to the volcanic firepit. You go there as part of the main campaign, but the seeds provide access to the area’s challenges and, therefore, the powerful gear on offer.

You won’t need much to get the first Muspelheim Seed, but the second seed piece is locked behind almost a dozen hours of campaign progress. Neither is hard to reach, as both are in Svartalfheim. You just need a specific item to reach one of them and the gear to get past the few enemies guarding it. 

First Muspelheim Seed Location

Soon after getting access to a boat and the Bay of Bounty, you’ll want to head to the western side of the Bay, where you’ll find Modvitnir’s Rig. 

The area is part of the “In Service to Asgard” Favor, but you’ll get the Seed much earlier than the quest objective. From the beach, climb up the first platform, and follow the path around to the right. 

Jump across the gap and climb up to the platform with the Legendary Chest. The Chest has the first Muspelheim Seed within it.

Second Muspelheim Seed Location

You won’t be able to get the second Muspelheim Seed until you have Draupnir’s Spear, which you don’t get until the end of Chapter 6, Forging Destiny. With the Spear in hand, return to Svartalfheim and go to the northern section of the Bay, then head to its eastern edge. There you’ll find Dragon Beach. 

On the northern edge of the Beach is a chain leading to a higher platform with a Spear slot at its back. 

Slot in the Spear, climb up, and follow the path toward the giant statue. Clear whatever monsters are in your way, and you’ll eventually come across another Legendary Chest.

Open it for the second Muspelheim Seed.

With both Seeds in hand, return to any Mystic Gateway, select Muspelheim, and unlock The Crucible. You’ll now be able to take on the Crucible Challenges and complete the Favor of the same name. Be prepared for tricky combat trials that take skill, timing, and sometimes a little luck. For more on God of War Ragnarok, including how to get hacksilver, the best early game armor, or a series of articles doing a zone-by-zone rundown of all the game’s collectibles, check out our guides hub.

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