God of War: Ragnarok — Lunda Armor Locations

Lunda’s armor is one of the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok. But obtaining this set is not easy and will require players to go through a number of hidden locations in the south of Vanaheim.

Our guide will show you all Lunda armor locations in God of War: Ragnarok that contain broken armor pieces, which need to be repaired by Lunda at her workshop.

The Mysterious Orb Favour

If players want to get Lunda’s armor set, they must first speak to Lunda at the shop in Freyr’s Camp after completing the sixth story mission “The Reckoning“.

Lunda will offer you her armor if you bring back her Mysterious Orb, and the pieces of it are found along the journey.

Once you agree to bring back what she asks for the Mysterious Orb quest will begin.

Unlock River Delta Hidden Passage

You need to unlock a hidden passage in the River Delta before they can take on this quest.

Travel to the location indicated on the map above in the Freyr’s Camp of Vanaheim. Be sure to do this in the day time, as that’s the only time when the path can be unlocked.

Take the boat on the river bank and travel to the Noatun’s Garden, indicated further below.

Lunda’s Belt Location

Once you arrive at the Noatun’s Garden, you’ll be able to find the first piece of Lunda’s Armor: Lunda’s Broken Belt.

You should see the rune on the wall as soon as you arrive. Interact with the rune and the wall will move away, revealing the chest with the Lunda’s Belt inside.

Head back into the boat and continue rowing southwards to the next location.

Lunda’s Bracers Location

Soon you should arrive at the Cliffside Ruins, which is another hidden location in Vanaheim.

Once you’re there, approach the left ruins with interactive stairs leading up the wall. When you’re on top, follow the path and you should see the open room with the hanging body off the ceiling.

Kill all the enemies inside the room, and approach a chest, containing Lunda’s Broken Bracers.

Unlock The Veiled Passage

You need to unlock the next area if you want to find the last piece of Lunda’s armor.

You will see three platforms in front if you stay on the wall from before. Jump onto one of them, and move to the southernmost platform, which is indicated by the marker on the map above.

Once you’re there, you will see a chain in the thorns on the side of the cliff. Use any ranged weapon to destroy the thorns and release the chain.

Go back on the ground level and interact with the chain you just released. Use it to climb the cliff, and follow the path until you reach a rune on the edge of the cliff. Interact with the rune and watch a massive rock in the distance drop to the ground, revealing the Veiled Passage area.

Lunda’s Cuirass and Mysterious Orb

Go back to the boat and take it all the way down to the Veiled Passage location indicated by the marker on the map.

As soon as you arrive on the shore, look to your left, and you should notice an object on the ground next to a grindstone. You will pick up the Mysterious Orb.

Go back into the boat and travel a bit further to the end of the river, where the dead bodies hang off the ceiling.

You should see a chest glowing in the distance to your left. Inside the chest you will find the last piece of Lunda’s armor: Lunda’s Broken Cuirass.

Once all four pieces are collected, including the Mysterious Orb, players need to go back to the Freyr’s Camp and give Lunda all the broken pieces of armor and an orb. She will repair the broken armor and give you the armor set as a reward for completing the quest.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Lunda’s armor in God of War: Ragnarok. For other locations guides, walkthroughs, and more, head over to our Ragnarok guides hub right here.

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