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GTA 6 100+ NEW DETAILS | GTA VI will be awesome

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00:00 intro
00:18 famous soccer players
01:16 Fan requests
03:53 Requests and expectations
07:09 Famous people
07:27 keys mysteries
07:55 Online 2.0
09:29 Radio
11:44 NASA
12:31 Weather
13:02 Character movements

GTA 6 Deep Dive: Gangs, Graphics, and Wishlist

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8 days ago

I hope you find the video interesting! there is a first part here with more details➡

🔴GTA 6 Deep Dive: Gangs, Graphics, and Wishlist ❤‍🔥

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8 days ago

And where did you find this info and what sources?????

8 days ago

I wanna be able to see street drug dealers + sell drugs and use drugs picking up drug of NPCs when they die not just picking up money 💲also i wanna see home invasions 🏠

Leave the monster idea outta the game exchange for serial killers and or sumthing

8 days ago

HYYYPE!! Who else is going to play the game for a few years?

8 days ago

game is not gonna come sorry to say world war is coming