Game Trailers 9

GTA 6 NEW LEAKS TODAY! (Map Leak Confirms 100+ Locations, Trailer 2 & 3, New Features, AND More!)

In today’s video we are going to look at new updates and information about GTA 6, let’s see what we got for this one. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more news daily!



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18 days ago

I mean people still play gta vc, sa and III and IV because it wasn't littered with micro transactions and the constant grind to keep businesses and assets afloat. gta v is going to be tucked away by a lot of people out of the pure ptsd of constantly hussling in that game lmao

18 days ago

If the trailer comes out on my birthday it will be the best day for the rest on my life (may13)

18 days ago

Damn can y’all just wait till next year it’s not that long of a wait goddamn

18 days ago

Gtttaa six😂

18 days ago

I think GTA6 is going to be epic, a statement game to all of the other developers like CDPR letting them know that their still the G.O.A.T when it comes to open world games

18 days ago

U all talk Bullshit making up story

18 days ago

2:32 that can’t actually be the release date for trailer 2

18 days ago

How you get tweets from the future

18 days ago

I’ll believe it when I see it