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Helldivers 2: The Final Preview

After playing Helldivers 2 for three hours, we’re sold on the bold pivot from the original’s top-down view to the sequel’s new third-person perspective, the appetizing roster of deadly gadgets, and the outrageous comedic tone that expertly channels the low-budget action film vibes. Previewed on PC by Travis Northup.

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5 months ago

We’ve re-uploaded this preview after being made aware of frame rate issues within YouTube. Apologies, and hope you enjoy!

5 months ago

This game looks really boring.

5 months ago

you haven’t experienced all the content, we still haven’t pushed back all the planets brother

5 months ago

This looks awesome! Now to find 3 friends.

5 months ago

May as well play Warframe… Got much more to offer

5 months ago

Deep Rock seriously needs to invest in better equip… w-a-a-a-ait a second!

5 months ago

Does this game have single player campaign?

5 months ago

It looks like mess

5 months ago

Looks like Fortnite lol

5 months ago

Rock and stone but better graphics.

5 months ago

Cadia Stand!

5 months ago

Why this looks so lame to me.

5 months ago

Something like starship troopers

5 months ago

Always Online like MAG was untill Sony pulled the plug 😮

5 months ago

"After playing for 3 hours" LMAO, classic IGN journalism.

5 months ago

That animation typing in the code is the most janky thing I've ever seen 😂 I thought he was gonna break his finger

5 months ago

Best coop game of 2024 hands down

5 months ago

For Democracy! ✊️

5 months ago

Why does this look like the best game I’ve never played

5 months ago

Like Deep Rock Galactic expect there’s more war crimes!!

5 months ago

You guys remember Starship Troopers? It's giving me that vibe