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Making a Fake Gameplay Trailer: A warning for the gaming community

I released a parody gameplay trailer for a fake game, here’s a general process of what I did to accomplish just that and why I made the trailer to begin with.

Watch the full parody gameplay trailer:

Asset List:

Discuss our future game and the project on Discord:

I’ve had tons of fun with this project and I’ve always wanted to dabble in the survival genre, I believe after my current game (Suit for Hire), I’ll be working on a co-op zombie survival game, I hope you look forward to it as much as I am!

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4 months ago

Thanks for watching, like the video if you enjoyed and feel free to comment about how you felt about the whole project and the potential future of game marketing. If you haven't seen the full parody trailer:

I'll be more than happy to answer any questions in the comments.

4 months ago

The word you're looking for is "satire"

4 months ago

The "Combat" Looks pretty decent. Is it also another asset flip or something you made yourself?

That asside. When people don't know anything about game dev. You can sell them anything and tell them all about how easy/hard it was and they really have no choice but to believe you. Its pretty interesting how large the gap between gamer and gamedev is.

4 months ago

I knew something was up when you skipped The Day Of.

4 months ago

Gosh so much talking!

4 months ago

this is like a really complicated inside joke 😭😭 without this context people would NOT have known all this lmao

4 months ago

blg black background big white text

4 months ago

It was a collection of vertical slices

4 months ago

I just want to say as both a game dev and someone who works in movies, your outlook on how movies are made is horribly wrong and its much closer to how games are developed than you think, at least on the CG end of film things.

4 months ago

as a game developer it only gets easier to see scripted segments in gameplay trailers as life goes on. it just takes a watchful eye. does it look like something that could really be a game mechanic? does it look fleshed out enough to be playable? would it be worth it to include in the game or would it be a waste of resources to add?

4 months ago

The concept of fake concept videos is actually putting in the effort to program amazing features the community wants but will never receive. If that isn't some rtard sh*t right there then I dont know what is.

4 months ago

Sorry to anyone that actually thought this was going to be legit, but you clearly weren't paying attention 😂

4 months ago

I did a few similarly "faked" gameplay videos myself several years back in UE4. My purpose for the videos was for them to be a sound design (and dynamic music etc) showcase, so I only needed a set of conditions and enough things to happen to showcase some of the sound design and audio / music mechanics etc. It was nowhere near this complex, but it was interesting to notice while doing it how much you can indeed make something seem interactive and dynamic, for it to only be basically a bunch of trigger boxes and whatnot. Things that, while could also be used in a game at times, would not really create any sort of playable environment. Just basically a broken dead environmnent, but if you run it one specific way it appears perfectly fine and playable.

Interesting video, thanks for the insight, and I also appreciate the overall message.

4 months ago

hah lol under which rock did you grow up?!
game trailers & pre-release "gameplay" has never been like the finished product!, its a sickness in the gaming industry since the early 90s!

4 months ago

as Lyle McDouchebag once said, and then proceeded to repeat it endlessly because it is so relevant: "No Game(play), No Hype."

4 months ago

People these days need to really stop getting excited for every single new survival game and not be willing to throw their money at every early access project that gets announced. There are actual good survival games already that should be the focus of gamers, DayZ, SCUM, Sons of the Forest. Those titles are tried and true, proven, have content and a player base. There is literally no need to buy new games like the day before. Even Red Dead 2 has survival elements and that's a proper AAA game that blows any of these away in its attention to detail. Again stick to the "big guns" in gaming. These early access copy cat survival mmo's deserve no support.

4 months ago

Some of the stuff you're talking about applies to "full" games as well, there's no point in adding detail to areas that players can't see or go to, and a LOT of levels in games are like these: just closed off "movie sets" where the only things you can see are what's actually there. You can easily see this in games like RE with mods that let you fly around the map.

The real issue isn't whether things are faked, most things in games are, it's whether they're used maliciously in order to get people to throw money at fake products.

4 months ago

people really need to watch this to show how easy making fake games.

4 months ago

It's great to see people using ALS in their Unreal projects

4 months ago

men german game websites talked about u now they have to correct thier news XD

4 months ago

Unironically, Crimson could make a more fleshed-out and interesting game by himself after learning several courses than the multiple devs of The Day Before.

4 months ago

As a dev working on a big mmo myself I applaud you calling out just how much work goes into detailed multiplayer games. I think people look at many games and wonder why it's taken so long. They have no idea how quickly a Jira backlog can explode the moment you add multiplayer to a game and then throw a load of creative and destructive people into it. You might as well take your dev time for a single player game and double it. Then god help you if you have any kind of physics driven / sandbox setup as you might as well then you might as well triple it lol. Players wonder what went wrong for games to come out with tons of bugs when games used to be one and done with no updates. Games got really big – that's how 😀

4 months ago

That's how AAA "gameplay" trailers are made
This reminds me Anthem, Division and Rainbow 6 Siege

4 months ago

Thanks for showing everyone how pretty much every crowdfund scam game is made. 👍

4 months ago

As a developer it is so painful knowing this and seeing gamers fall for it

4 months ago

One othr aspect of "not having anything" in the scenario beyond what you can see and stuff is the fact that there's nothing else for the game to process, a game is full of objects with code to make stuff happen or to prepare stuff for the player to pick or destroy, those things cost a lot in performance, those things not existing just make the game in the trailer have a way better performance than the "final product", assuming there'll be one.

4 months ago

thanks for this video, i watched other day someone say that u created a full game in 200h and im actually trying to create myself a game and i got super frustated thinking that it just wasnt for me. i didnt give up tho but beated my morale pretty good. now it feels good again and i feel totally on the right path. i hope soon everybody can share my dream with me, thanks again and i hope to see maybe some tutorials?! lol gonna check ur channel first cuz i didnt yet XD

4 months ago

I don't trust trailers and graphics.

I trust gameplay.

4 months ago

We see red arrow, we click

4 months ago

2:45 people uses this statement a lot without taking into thoughts of how a game is actually made

4 months ago

my only question is, why bother bro, why ..the game was a disaster

4 months ago

Why is it so hard to get a modern 3d project zomboid

4 months ago

this year may be our last year before the rapture and only our Father knows the exact day so this year make it count get more people aboard the rapture life boat in Jesus name