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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! Today, we’ve got some exciting news straight from the galaxy of gaming. If you’re a Mass Effect fan like me, you’re in for a treat! Mass Effect 5 is on its way, and I’ve got some juicy details to share with you. #masseffect5 #masseffect4 #bioware

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25 days ago

I wait with excitement on the new game. Love the trilogy

25 days ago

If they had all these “veterans” for so long then why were the games that came out over the last ten years such a hot mess of disappointment?
The way I figure it either, 1) the ones that left did all the heavy lifting and those that still remain don’t measure up, or 2) studio interference ruined everything like it very nearly always does, despite the talent behind the scenes.
Pick your poison, neither inspires confidence in BioWare. Personally Dreadwolf is their last chance to prove their relevance to me. Because as it stands now with developers like Larian Studios and CDPR who has completely taken over the niche that BioWare had abandoned, so speaking only for myself and my wallet I have all but completely moved on.

25 days ago

I'm glad that vet's are going to keep on the legacy going, but I'm going to say that we're getting a ME Andromeda 2. I just have a feeling that it's going to be that, so for me I'm fine with that. I just want to get to play a New ME game.

25 days ago

We need to know if SBI is part of this games narrative.

Andromeda's writing was terrible compared to previous entries. Mike Gamble is also not a good lead. So expectations on ME are extremely low.

25 days ago

At this pace our grandchildren will play this game…

25 days ago

Not much info but i did not expect them to say something but even this in reality is not news about the game but confirmation on some staff members.

25 days ago

5? Mass Effect is a trilogy. There's only 3 of them.

25 days ago

Bring back shapered I repeat bring back shapered

25 days ago

Out of the " trilogy veterans", the only ones I'm confident in & with are Derek Watts (Art Director) Preston Watamaniuk (Game Director, former Lead Designer on the trilogy).

Besides them, not that enthusiastic…

From what I've read, Parrish Ley is serving as Creative Director, not just Cinematic Director, and his work as CD in ME2 & ME3 gives me pause, as the big step-down in quality and know-how from ME1 (Shane Welbourn) was quite noticeable throughout the games.

I dunno about you guys, but Mary DeMarle (Narrative Director), Derek Watts and Preston Watamaniuk are my only slam-dunks in terms of confidence in the "upper" team. The rest I have valid concerns about… Thank every god in the world that Mac Walters is gone, tho. That, in itself, is a massive win.

25 days ago

As a long time fan of the entire Mass Effect series including Andromeda. The suggested release time line is a bit disconcernting for me for the simeple reaon that I will be in my early 80s by then and I'm not even sure that I if I surviuve that long, that my mental accuities will be such that I can enjoy the game. 🙄

25 days ago

Good to see you back, I’m very optimistic for the next ME and I am willing to wait.

25 days ago

Honestly a bit comforting to know there are trilogy vets working on it. Maybe we can hope that EA will keep their mitts off the game's development so we can avoid another Anthem or Andromeda. Here's hoping we get some good news for N7 day this year.

25 days ago

Hi L. one worry it that this early they could end up changing everything from the trailers💯👍

25 days ago

I'm not convinced that this is a good thing, after all – it was the veteran OG trilogy team that screwed up Mass Effect 3 and its endings in the fist place.

25 days ago

I keep my hope down. I highly doubt anything like the 3 ME games could be produced today, with the state of games now, even by the same people. We don`t know who else is going to influence the game or story aspects. I hope it will be good and then I`ll be pleasantly surprised.

25 days ago

It's ME4 son… I didn't even play adromeda and i will not play it…

25 days ago

I'm just hoping the next game will be great. Take as long as you can.

25 days ago

Please, please get someome really good to write the story.

25 days ago

I can't speak for everyone else buy I enjoyed MEA along with that Legendary Edition. I just want to know if will it be on the and older consoles and will the weapons and Good and looks like weapons of today and powerful. And will we be able to make muscle women.

25 days ago

Yeah i would like to know what the next gaME WILL COME OUT