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Six Days in Fallujah – NEW Gameplay (2023)

Six Days in Fallujah – NEW Gameplay (2023)

Six Days in Fallujah –

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4 months ago

About as tactical as a sanitary towel…

4 months ago

Time to trigger the P in in PTSD

4 months ago

Really cool to be able to reenact a war crime with up to 1 million dead Iraqis in 4K. Nice. Will that also be available with the Ukraine as a map in a few years? Sorry, I forgot that if the USA invades a country, that's ok.🤔And now don't tell me this is just a video game, because injustices are often legitimized with the media these days and preferably by our "friends" from the USA. Greetings from Germany.

4 months ago

Why does no one say if this game is going to get out for ps4/5? If anyone knows please tell me! Thanks