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Skull and Bones: Season 1 – Official Gameplay Trailer

Get a deep dive into what you can expect from Skull and Bones’ Season 1: Raging Tides, including world events, various activities, and a fearsome Pirate Lord. Skull and Bones: Season 1 kicks off on February 27, 2024.


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1 month ago

It took For Honor at least a couple of seasons before things went supernatural… oh well

1 month ago

Skull and Microtransactions.

1 month ago

The trailer looks GREAT!!

The game isn’t as bad as haters make it seem to be, and it’s clear with this content drop that it’s gonna be a WAY different direction!!

To drop Season 1 within one week proves they had all this content already prepped, looking forward to it!!!!

1 month ago

Nothing kills my excitement for a new game like the phrase "season 1" 😒

1 month ago


1 month ago

They're still trying to sell this game?

1 month ago

Uh oh look out everyone "QUADRUPLE A GAME" COMING THROUGH!

1 month ago

experience it all for free? what you mean by that lol? it is 70 dollars

1 month ago

cool video still not buying it but respect to the guys that made this video =)

1 month ago

Come On Ubisoft! Why wont you Admit Defeat!