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South Park: Snow Day! Review

South Park: Snow Day! reviewed by Travis Northup on PC, also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

We know exactly what a great South Park game can look like, and South Park: Snow Day! couldn’t be farther from it. I’m a huge fan of throwing out the rulebook to try something completely fresh, especially in this age of samey sequels and forever live-service games that increasingly play it safe. But this bold attempt at a new direction misses the mark so drastically I’m aghast at just how sideways things went. Whether it’s due to the thoroughly unenjoyable combat or the uncharacteristically toothless and unfunny story, I can’t recommend anyone waste their time on this cooperative lost cause – even my fellow die-hard South Park fans.

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22 days ago

If Matt and Trey would just get a competent dev team to make a Simpson Hit and Run style game where we can fully explore and immerse ourselves into South Park, they would sell a billion copies.

22 days ago

To me the game feels like some basic shitty hack and slash with south park slapped on it

22 days ago

They could have made sooooo many DLC's for the last game, what a shame this is what we got instead.

22 days ago

Sheesh brought me back to n64

22 days ago

They want to be Minecraft dungeons so bad 😂😂

22 days ago

Jesus luv u John 3:16

22 days ago

wtf were they thinking??

22 days ago

please go back to 2D, South Park does not belong in 3D

22 days ago

It's only £21.99, so 5 hours isn’t a bad length.

22 days ago

So basically it should have been a $25 game

22 days ago

Games not bad. Just feels unfinished: the camera controls need fixing, the range is crap, not much customization and you seem to get caught on tiny corners or bumps a lot. Worth a play for any SouthPark fan. Ignore all these fartsmellers, they have poo on their ears. People complaining about this games length when the other games were just as easily beaten in a day. The 3D isn't bad, but it's southpark it's supposed to look rough. Y'all remind me of the Yelp episode 😅

22 days ago


22 days ago

They should have just went with the third RPG and make an awesome trilogy.

22 days ago

Idk why everyone thought this was gonna be on par with the other games when both stick and fractured were made by triple A game studios and this was made by an indie studio with only two small games under their belt neither in the genre this game is. Plus they specifically said for months this game was NOT a sequel to stick and fractureds RPG gameplay and framework, and now that its here everyones acting surprised like they didnt tell you this was a for fun project months ago

22 days ago

I’m. Still gonna play it

22 days ago

They game looked cheap, if they made a 3D game, they should use the cupboard style of the intro.

22 days ago

Stick of Truth and Tower Defense were the only great games.

22 days ago

Looks fun 👌🤩

22 days ago

Wish it was like the other games. Actual RPG style game. Just make it like that and let it actually be coop.

22 days ago

Like the nintendo 64 game that was absolute shiteee

22 days ago

If it’s not a 7 or higher I’m not playing it

22 days ago

It doesn’t hold up to Persona 5

22 days ago

Idk why they didn’t do a side scrolling beat em up like street fighter. That way they could’ve kept their style we all know and love.

22 days ago

1:10 aint that the truth.

22 days ago

at least the review is entertaining

22 days ago


22 days ago

The intro was the best part of the game, should be an episode on it's own!

22 days ago

It should be on gamepass shortly. 😊

22 days ago

So this game gets a lower score than Gollum? Yeah okay.

22 days ago

Well no one cares what IGN thinks so the combat and card system was fun the bosses were challenging and the game I'm pretty sure is getting DLC this guy in the video just has a skill issue

22 days ago

Simple, south park, repeatable. The creators have two different preferences for gaming so yeah. In the beginning they admit they had to "nerf" the game bc you the new kid ruin the last two games 😂

22 days ago

Least biased IGN Review

22 days ago

Well at least theres no school today

22 days ago

Sad we go from 2 of my favorite games to this dogshit

22 days ago

Thought reviews were meant to be impartial

22 days ago

Drink every time he hints at how short it is

22 days ago

So I’m gonna not listen to this video guys is this game worth it yes or no?

22 days ago

This worries me for the last ronin game

22 days ago

IGN reviews are garbage.

22 days ago

Matt and Trey sold out a while ago, no surprise

22 days ago

Why Would They Do This To Us😢