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Street Fighter 6 – Official Spy x Family Code: White Collaboration Trailer

Check out the Street Fighter 6 Spy x Family Code: White collaboration trailer. The SF6 collaboration is now live and runs through January 31, 2024. This event features avatar costumes for Yor and Loid, available at the collaboration store in the Battle Hub. Yor and Loid’s hairstyles have also been added to the avatar creation menu.

All players who log in during the Street Fighter 6 x Spy x Family Code: White collaboration period will receive special items, including titles, stamps, and photo frames. Watch the trailer for a look at some Chun-Li vs. Yor Forger gameplay, and a peek at the popular fighting game’s avatar creator.

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20 days ago

Why spy x family join of com

20 days ago

This is the laziest crossover ever.

They shouldve created a new character for Yor instead of her just a skin. What a disappointment.

20 days ago

So is yor a skin for juri?

20 days ago

Was about to say that is so cool but it’s only a skin…

20 days ago

This is such a strange crossover.

Imagine in the next season of Street Fighter, for SOME reason a street fighter appears.

Wouldn't make sense due to the time/era difference but whatever lol

20 days ago

Take my like, you earned it! 😊

20 days ago

So is a skin for yuri