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Switch Online’s Missions & Rewards Adds New Batch Of Icons You Can Only “Get By Playing”

Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Last month, Nintendo made a new batch of Switch icons available that required NSO subscribers to actually play a game.

This same type of mission has now returned for an event tied to the Super Nintendo title Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. There are five icons for 10 Platinum Points each and to unlock them, you’ll need to at least launch the game in the SNES app.

As you can see, this line up includes Baby Mario, Yoshi, and even Poochy!

Super Mario Yoshi Island Nintendo Life IMG
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

So once again, you’ll need to have an active Switch Online membership, Platinum Points, and when you’ve booted up the game and played it, you’ll then be able to purchase these icons. This latest batch of icons will be available until May 2024.

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