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The Best Video Game April Fools’ Gags of 2024 – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix:
Another April 1st, another excuse to question everything you see and read on the internet. We picked just a few of our favorite (you can see the full list on our website), which include a sleeping tournament, a new physical edition of Cyberpunk 2077, and new Nintendo Switch. We also threw in some actual bizarro news for good measure, like the Tekken 8 director considering a Waffle House stage for the game, and a Sega/IHOP collab. Weird day.



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2 months ago

the octopus chair is real its just the marketing vid was a joke, the real product is marketed to gooners

2 months ago

Those IHOP menu items go hard tho

2 months ago

Switch has a ir camera on the controller

2 months ago

Minecraft doing more for a meme update than the rest of the year

2 months ago

Is IHOP offering Rouge the Bat cheesecake?

2 months ago

Brian looks like a soyjack

2 months ago

What was not April Fools, Stellar Blade burning IGN lmao

2 months ago

How does Sonic not have a branded chili dog at SONIC by now???

2 months ago

Best prank was xbox having games

2 months ago

No mention of the "Nvidia buy Xbox brand off Microsoft"? Came here awaiting your comments on that one 😀

2 months ago

It's a shame that Virtual Boy Pro turns out to be fake even though it would be really cool technology if it really existed and would make playing games even more fun.

2 months ago

Still like the head set then cardboard labo with vr boy games all on one cartridge be ace emulator game

2 months ago

Still haven't forgiven IGN for making me believe Titanfall would have Optimus Prime DLC 🙁 child me was very disappointed

2 months ago

Virtual boy pro ftw

2 months ago

This is like the Obama gifting Obama a medal meme

2 months ago

Too many April Fools jokes. 7.8/10.

2 months ago

palworld had a dating sim… they know their fanbase.
runescape introduced a new skill : bench sitting. u level it by going afk on a bench.

2 months ago

"2 weeks to flatten the curve" cannot be topped as the mother of all april fool's jokes.

2 months ago

on another NOT fake April fools news: Chance Perdomo (GEN V actor) Die

2 months ago

IGN you can't take your own gag and expect us to think it was one of the best…

2 months ago

1:12 they had a Zelda movie planned back in the day but they cancelled it due to said video scaring Nintendo

2 months ago

In Sweden a hotell chain has a sleeping competition, who has the deepest REM sleep that is measured during the contest – the regulations and equipment aren't there yet to be a real sport though.
You can take sleeping pills, and you can't use your own bed.

2 months ago

April Fools! None of these comments are real.

2 months ago

So if Sega is working with IHOP, they could theoretically put an IHOP level in Virtua Fighter…

2 months ago

how many 5.25" floppy's does Cyberpunk need?

2 months ago

American food is disgusting

2 months ago

Brian's room setup is sick!

2 months ago

The best April Fools gag you came up with was the one where you bashed StellarBlade devs for a generic character that’s a doll where they’ve never seen a woman. That was a classic April Fools joke right…right??? Oh you actually ment it…damn IGN, you guys have gone to an all time low

2 months ago

W April Fools!!!

2 months ago

The waffle House has found its new host

2 months ago

What was the robot arm doing at 2:42 lol 👀

2 months ago

did he just say he wakes up and watches horror films 😂😂😂😂

2 months ago

Oh brother…

2 months ago

Saw the "Virtual Boy" gag this morning.

2 months ago

so these are leaks?

2 months ago

April fools is the dumbest thing….how does it still exist??

2 months ago

your viewers still think this is real fyi.

2 months ago

Yall are adults still doing April fools jokes. Yikes

2 months ago

Missed opportunity to have an IHOP Sonic Chili Dog

2 months ago

IHOP means somthing?

2 months ago

The best prank was Silksong getting an Xbox page out of nowhere

2 months ago

Waffle House wasn't April Fools. . . as always top notch journalism . . .

2 months ago

“Best fake gaming news: Us. Ours is the best. We rank it a 7/10”

2 months ago

I'm just happy the Nintendo one was an April Fools joke.

Because its something they would actually release instead of a new console 😂

2 months ago

What would Brian Altano do?

2 months ago