Top 20 Minecraft 1.19.3 Seeds for December 2022

The latest 1.19.3 patch for Minecraft is probably the last minor update before the next big 1.20 release comes out some time next year.

What’s interesting about the new update is that it has some cool crafting UI changes and updated textures in the knowledge book. But other than that there are no big changes, as those will take place only in the upcoming release.

Regardless, the Minecraft community keeps finding some amazing places that are collected in our monthly selection of top seeds for December 2022.

Seed: 3929110367124987343

  • Spawn: 800, 850
  • Biomes: Plains, Ocean.

Island village and stronghold at spawn!

Minecraft Java edition players never had the chance to witness strongholds at spawn due to limits of the world generation, but everything changed with version 1.19, although it’s still an extremely rare encounter.

This seed offers something even more exciting, since the stronghold is located right underneath an island village.

Seed: -1541124385142397106

  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Various.

A village surrounded by a mountain ring is one of the safest places for base in Minecraft 1.19.3. But what if there was a woodland mansion inside that ring as well?

If you want to know, then go ahead and find both of those structures inside a mountain valley at coordinates 50, 350.

On one hand, you will have access to some good loot, but on the other hand hostile mobs may create some problems.

Seed: 8097472130012152032

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Ocean.

Zombie villages can be easily avoided if you spawn nearby one on the mainland. But what do you do, if such a village spawn happens on an isolated island?

If you like extreme seeds, this one will definitely work for you. Note that you spawn during the daytime, when zombies will be busy burning instead of chasing you. You’ll have time to prepare or leave the island, depending on your level of preparation.

Seed: 5578478610022238985

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Meadow.

Here’s a seed with a little less stress, hosting three normal villages at spawn, one of which has a blacksmith.

There is also an exposed ruined portal, which makes it really easy to enter nether, where you will find bastion remnant structure full of loot right at spawn.

Lastly, there is an ancient city right underneath one of the villages at coordinates -250, 100.

Seed: -3566425337672145770

  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Forest, Ocean.

You will spawn on the edge of a massive cliff with the most unusual guest underneath: a woodland mansion that is stuck in the rock.

Players can easily climb down onto the roof and explore the mansion from top to bottom, which is a much safer way than beginning from the ground floor.

The closest village can be found at coordinates 750, 100.

Seed: -6202809933377939275

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Savanna.

Once you spawn, travel eastwards to coordinates 400, 200, where you will find a nice acacia village.

What’s unusual is that at spawn there is an opening in the ground, which reveals an exposed dungeon at coordinates -17, 118, 0.

You can easily enter the dungeon and loot both chests, as well as use the spawner for mob farming.

Seed: 415677488000565753

  • Spawn: -50, 100
  • Biomes: Badlands, Desert.

If you ever wanted to thoroughly explore the underworld of Minecraft, but never dared to dig too deep: here’s your chance of studying the underground world in an exposed way on the surface of the wooded badlands biome at spawn.

In this way, you also get a quick access to lush caves biome, exposed abandoned mineshafts, as well as ancient cities.

Seed: 884541311959491792

  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Plains, Jungle.

Imagine if village huts were made of cobblestone instead of wood, it would be such in improvement to your general safety.

In this seed you will see a village that has a jungle temple standing right among its houses. You could easily integrate it into your base, and make a great survival session.

If you’re looking for a challenge, at coordinates 50, -300 you’ll find a pillager outpost.

Seed: 752288259555668356

  • Spawn: -50, 100
  • Biomes: Dark Forest.

If you ever wanted to see pillagers fighting vindicators, then this seed is for you.

The woodland mansion at spawn has a pillager outpost as one of its integrated structures. It definitely has a unique look to it.

At coordinates 200, 150 there is a small patch of jungle biome with a jungle temple, which is a great source of valuable materials.

Seed: 8567574014134701459

  • Spawn: 50, 100
  • Biomes: Desert, Savanna.

The best way to explore desert biome is via the comfort of lush windswept savanna biome and a couple of villages that can be seen at spawn.

If you want to see something really unusual, then travel to coordinates -1400, 1000, where you will find a fully buried shipwreck.

In this case the desert sands have really turned into the sea of sand.

Seed: 217396617

  • Spawn: 50, 100
  • Biomes: Badlands, Savanna.

In case the cold weather of the jagged peaks or snowy slopes doesn’t entice you, but you still want a protected place for your base, then this seed offers a nice acacia village at spawn that is surrounded by badland hills.

The best part about this seed is that the village stands on the surface of a small lake with all sorts of goodies.

Seed: 5416699191942932

  • Spawn: 50, 100
  • Biomes: Swamp, Savanna.

Mangrove swamp is one of the best new biomes in Minecraft 1.19. It offers plenty of wood and lush greenery.

In this seed, you will spawn right next to an acacia village that stands on the edge of the mangrove swamp.

There is also a ruined portal in the village that can take you straight to bastion remnant structure at nether coordinates -100, 150.

Seed: -8026724960835812529

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Forest, Swamp.

Here is one more woodland mansion with another unusual structure within its walls: a witch hut.

The upper part of the hut can be seen on the roof of the mansion, but its legs go all the way through the mansion floors into the ground below.

The real question is: Who wins? The witch or the vindicators?

Seed: -7004215027482547278

  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Plains, Meadow.

There are plenty of ways of obtaining valuable loot in Minecraft, but one of the best ways is to travel to the nether.

Right after you spawn, go to coordinates -400, 200. There you will find a village with a ruined portal.

Enter the portal and go to nether coordinates 10, -60, where you will find a bastion remnant with a chest that contains not one, but two enchanted golden apples.

Seed: 4366100658815721551

  • Spawn: 250, 350
  • Biomes: Jungle.

Spawn in the middle of the jungle right next to a jungle temple.

Then, travel to coordinates -1650, -2550, and enter the ancient city that’s located right between two villages on the surface.

What’s great about this ancient city is that it’s structures are melding with dripstone cave and abandoned mineshaft.

Seed: 654163111883

  • Spawn: -100, -50
  • Biomes: Desert.

When there’s much loot, the game plays almost by itself. Well, you can find all the loot you need inside a desert temple at spawn that stands right in the middle of the village.

There is also a vast river flowing next to the settlement, which turns the survival game in the desert biome into a piece of cake.

Seed: -2867948536818844204

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Ocean.

How does one survive in the middle of an ocean with nothing but a woodland mansion?

First, make a crafting table. Get some cobblestone and craft tools with a furnace, then dig deep to get diamonds and craft some good armor and weapons.

With all that you can stand the chance against all the mobs in the mansion.

Seed: 1220905742

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Various.

There is a nice little village at spawn, and a pillager outpost nearby. If you wish for something safer, then travel up north to coordinates 200, -1350.

There, you will find a village inside a mountain ring that can be easily turned into your survival base.

There are two more ring mountains nearby, which can be used for building structures inside.

Seed: 894573284427979801

  • Spawn: 350, -250
  • Biomes: Plains, Forest, Ocean.

Spawn on a survival island with an island village to the west at coordinates -1350, -250, and a mushroom island to the south at coordinates 500, 400. Both islands can be easily reached with the help of a simple boat.

On your way there, you will encounter four ocean monuments at coordinates:

  1. -450, -300
  2. -350, 50
  3. -850, -200
  4. -750, 100

Seed: 6557891556675674513

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Snowy Plains.

At times, surviving in a snowy biome can be even tougher than in the hot ones, but if your base is located close to the warm biomes, and you have a source of loot, such as igloo with basement, then any game could turn into a fun adventure.

You can find both village and an igloo at coordinates 50, -200 and 150, -250.

That’s it for this month’s best Minecraft seeds for 1.19.3. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Published Dec. 2nd 2022

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