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OFF THE GRID New Trailer (2023) Neill Blomkamp | Unreal Engine 5 Cyberpunk Games 4K

Directed By: Neill Blomkamp
Produced By: @playoffthegrid
Have a look at OTG Cinema’s latest cinematic for Off The Grid, This is the “Switcher Trailer Part 2”. A new extended version. We are excited for Gunzilla’s new project.

Off The Grid is an upcoming cyberpunk Battle Royale multiplayer shooter game from Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) and Script Writer Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon, Crysis). Set on a dystopian tropical island, 150 players fight each other in PvP skirmishes, as well as PvE storyline missions using the same map inhabited by other players in real-time. In the game, you shape the story and the gameplay.

OFF THE GRID New Trailer (2023) Neill Blomkamp | Unreal Engine 5 Cyberpunk Cinematic 4K Scene
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6 months ago

I'm convinced this is ripped off from CoD.

6 months ago


6 months ago

2:22 Should've said, "No 'arm done."

6 months ago

Battle royale…

6 months ago

dang in the future everyones an amputee thats crazy

6 months ago

В начале видоса солдат говорит голосом зеленского………………ржунимагу

6 months ago

this looks terrible

6 months ago

Is there anything new that art and culture can produce today or are there only profaned old ideas and old stories on a new graphics engine?

6 months ago

Wow all in Unreal engine

6 months ago

This is not a cinematic trailer like Ubisoft's trailers made by Unit Image or Digic Pictures. This is actual in-engine real-time graphics. Neil with his studio is pioneering the realtime ingame engine cinematics. Previously they were doing this with Unity, and now they're going ahead with Unreal Engine. This is for those who's saying it's CGI Rendered Cinematic Video.

6 months ago

Great, ANOTHER battle royale game…no thanks

6 months ago

the quality of indie games has really improved

6 months ago

This kinda looks like it was made by AI… something off about it.

6 months ago

Why can't we have a whole movie like this ….or a single player game? But naaah, another stuuu/id Battle Royale with cheese game

6 months ago

Now it’s clear that UE 5 is great at making trailers. Let’s see if it’s good at making games too. Hope it doesn’t end up like Cry engine

6 months ago

Hope to be a classic battle royal game without any complications

6 months ago

I love Neil Blomkamp’s style. Every one of his shorts is good enough to be a full movie. Especially that one from Oats Vol 1. w/ Dakota Fanning

6 months ago

Hopefully as good as Detroit Become Human.

6 months ago

Honestly thought this would be a District 9 sequel game with the title "Off The Grid" referring to Wikus

6 months ago

You lost everyone at battle royale.

6 months ago

I'd be more excited if this was an actual single player campaign story or a movie than a battle royale game.

6 months ago

You make me APB Reloaded already on unreal engine 5😢

6 months ago

Was that Rob Wiethoffs voice?